2019: Don’t be carried away by empty promises, cleric tells Nigerians


Pastor John Buzu, FCT Field Superintendent, The Apostolic Church Nigeria
A cleric, Pastor John Buzu, on Saturday urged Nigerians not to be carried away by empty promises of politicians ahead of the 2019 general elections.
Buzu, Field Superintendent, The Apostolic Church Nigeria, FCT Field, gave the advice while speaking at the 15th Annual Convention of the Church, in Abuja.
The convention theme is: ‘The Gospel: God’s Power for National Recovery’.
Buzu said that Nigerians, from past experience, are easily carried away by vain promises and monetary stipends given to them to gain their votes during elections.
He urged Nigerians not to be deceived anymore by the stipends that politicians who need power come around to share during elections.
The cleric said they should rather support leaders who have the interest of Nigeria at heart to emerge in 2019.
“Nigerian politics is all about selfish gains, and not about the nation.
“Nigerians should be wise and look for leaders who are after the interest of the nation and not personal interests.
“If that is done, I believe that things will take shape.
“Whoever has good motives for Nigerians, and can move this country forward, irrespective of political party, Nigerians should support, and not be carried away by empty promises.
“Political impact in Nigeria is felt negatively because there is a lot of cry in the country that things are not working well.
“As a leader, you should not promise the people what you cannot do, our leaders should live by example,” he said.
Buzu called on Nigerians to seek God’s healing for the nation and shun wickedness, especially as the elections approach.
According to him, the nation needs total divine healing and recovery.
“As a people, we need to humble ourselves, turn from our wicked ways and more earnestly seek God in prayers for His mercies, help and restoration,” he said.
Buzu called on political leaders to create confidence in the minds of Nigerians, by ensuring transparency in governance.
He said with this, Nigerians would trust them with their lives and support them in the forthcoming elections.
Buzu, while speaking on the convention, explained that their expectation was that the eyes of Christians and entire Nigerians should be open to know that true recovery comes from God.
He said that what Nigerians were experiencing showed that they could not solve their problems themselves, but had to seek the face of God.
“Any nation that rules out God from the helm of affairs, forget about that nation. There will be no headway, because God is the owner of the whole universe.
”That is what my Bible says, that the earth and its fullness belong to God,  what we are doing in this country, we have removed God and think we can do it alone, which is wrong.
“We should not look at the leadership alone; we as Christians should seek God genuinely by changing our ways and turn to Him to help our leaders to get it right.
”This programme is to draw the attention of our members on where we have gone wrong, for us to make a U-turn and turn to God in prayers,” he said.
According to him, God will then have His way, begin to steer things in the right direction in the nation and even in the heart of the leaders. (NAN)

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