2019: Middle Belt group back Buhari for 2nd term


President Buhari deserves 2nd term says Middle Belt group
The Middle Belt Youth Leaders Forum (MBYLF) has said President Muhammadu Buhari’s performance so far is outstanding and therefore deserves a second term.
The forum said Buhari has done creditably well in his more than three and a half years leadership.
According to the youth group, before Buhari took over the mantle of leadership in 2015, there was absolute total absence of sanity in the nation as well as absence of sense of national pride.
The National President of the group, Comrade Aaron Adah who spoke to newsmen in Abuja Thursday, said the emergence of Buhari had since returned Nigeria to the path of glory.
He specifically said Buhari’s war over insurgency should earn him another term in office.
According to him, “Today, we can proudly say, in spite of the enormity of the challenges, the narrative has changed positively.  There are visible signs of our regeneration under the Buhari Presidency. And there is cause to be excited and we are buoyed to also, embolden our leader, Mr. President by canvassing public support for his administration.
“In fairness to Nigerians and the people of our region, we cannot conscientiously say President Buhari has solved all the problems he inherited in Nigeria. He has not even met all the promises pledged to Nigerians when traversed this nation seeking our electoral mandate in 2014/2015.
“Nevertheless, we now see a leadership of Nigeria determined and, committed, which keeps striving every day to improve our lives as citizens of this great country.  We see a leader and a government which   are more interested in lifting us from the doldrums, than consolidating on the degeneration it met, wrapped in self-serving tales.
“Let’s together look at a few areas the Buhari Presidency has impacted on Nigeria so significantly.   It is necessary because these are partisan times and Nigeria is facing another general election in the next few months to enthrone fresh batch of elected leaders.
“The terrorists  brought pains, sorrows, agonies and despair, through  their  unchallenged atrocious acts and  other heinous crimes, resulting into deaths, abductions, violent captivity of whole communities  in the Northeast;  unchallenged attacks on security formations and  erection of serfdoms for  hostages, where they held Nigerians  in dehumanizing conditions in secret  hideouts within our territories.
“We are proud and any other  citizen  of Nigeria should also   express happiness  that under Buhari,  the 24 LGAs Boko Haram insurgents captured totally and another  six LGAs,  the insurgents had partial control,  and established their peculiar “ Islamic Caliphate, “ with foisted flags  have been rescued  by Nigerian troops under the guardian ambience of  the COAS  and Leader of the  counter-insurgency operations in Nigeria, Lt.-Gen. TY Buratai.
“Former President Olusegun Obasanjo, even with his renewed hatred for the Buhari Presidency has commended Mr. President on his dogged battles against insurgency. This is a problem nurtured under Obasanjo’s very nose when he served as President, but he did nothing to crush it and Nigeria ended up worse with the rampaging killer monsters,” Adah said.

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