2019: US congratulates Nigeria on committed democratic process


The United States (US) has once again congratulated the Nigerian people’s committment to the democratic process throughout the 2019 election season.
In a statement emailed to Apex News from the US Embassy in Abuja, Nigeria, it supported a democratic process where the will of the Nigerian people is reflected in the results.
According to the statement, as long-time friends of Nigeria, United States continue to follow closely the still ongoing elections and do not have a preferred party or candidate.
It pointed out that as noted by many observer groups in their preliminary reports, the US too were disappointed by the low voter turnout as well as credible reports of voter intimidation, vote buying, interference by security forces, and violence in some locations.
The statement said, the US is saddened by those acts of violence and extend it deepest sympathy to the families of those who lost their lives, including those who worked for the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) and the security services.
According to it, as the 2019 electoral cycle comes to an end, we urge all stakeholders to work towards a free, fair, credible, transparent, and peaceful process, especially for the many Nigerians across the country who again will go to polls on Saturday.
The US encouraged stakeholders including INEC, political parties, and the security services, to continue to improve the electoral process for future elections explaining that it look to Nigeria as an important leader on the African continent.
The statement noted that as a democratic partner of Nigeria, the United States remains committed to working together to achieve our mutual goals of peace and prosperity for the citizens of both our countries.

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