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'5 costly mistakes entertainers make'


The book: ‘5 Costly Mistakes Entertainers Make’ is aimed at providing guidelines on how entertainers can avoid blunders and errors capable of negatively affecting their showbiz.
Kehinde Ajose, an entertainment journalist and author of the new book, said this on Friday.
Ajose told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) that he had to write the book to inspire entertainers on how they could break even.
He said, “Over the years, I had interviewed many entertainers and watched them rising from grass to grace.
“Amazingly, some of these stars plummeted due to some mistakes they made in the course of their careers.’’
He listed them to include: unresolved legal battles, choosing wrong names, endless romance with controversies that often hindered them from rising to the top.
He said that the book was his heartfelt contribution to the Nigerian entertainment industry and advised stakeholders in the industry to avoid the mistakes.
“The book is not meant only for entertainers as the lessons highlighted there can also be adapted to other sectors and industries.’’ he said.
Ajose said that the book could was available online.
He said that actors, actresses, musicians, record labels and others interested in being part of the Nigerian entertainment industry would benefit from it.(NAN)

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