5th edition of Arahah market attracts women from Abuja area councils, others as KOWGO launches app


The fifth edition of the Abuja Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI) Arahah market held in the Trade Fair complex on Saturday attracted multitudes of business women within and outside Federal Capital Territory who came to showcase farm products.
Traders with locally made in Nigeria products including clothes, bags, shoes and others.

Arahah, a hybrid market is an initiative of ACCI implemented in partnership with the Women Arise Develoment Humanitarian Initiative (WADHI) established to provide high-quality, affordable produce and expand business skills of women businesses.

The President ACCI, Dr. Al-Mujtaba Abubakar at the opening of the 5th edition on Saturday said, the aim is to support and promote digital trading platforms for local businesses and SMEs, training and capacity building, improved sustainable agricultural production and e-commerce.

He said since the unveiling of the market in December it has witnessed improved patronage adding that the market is a platform set aside to boost revenue generating capacities, bridge the middlemen gap and grant market access to customers, and this special edition has brought together business persons from various trades with special focus on the South East traders.

He also said the concept of the digital trading platform which is also a component of the market will greatly increase the access to market and remove logistics bottlenecks associated to the physical markets.

“I am particularly impressed that the Arahah market will serve as a gateway to economic development by bringing producers, regulators, off-takers and exporters of commodities within the African countries and globally together in one location.

“I want to use this platform to renew the commitment of the chamber, to continuously provide platforms to market products and services and encourage packaging for exports that meets regulatory requirements and international best practices.”

The Director General ACCI Victoria Akai while speaking also said in support of the women the Chamber decided to create a platform where women can interact with buyers, support them to increase production, create market access for them and also bring them to interact with stakeholders so that these stakeholders will know the issues the women in business are facing and then, provide the requisite support.

She said the issues of looking for white collar jobs is not the in thing now because there are lots of opportunities in business with the COVID-19 issues especially that has opened lots of opportunities in business.

“There are many online businesses now that one can explore. There is no need to wait for employment but we can always create it right where we are.

“Even for the married women that may not want to leave the comfort of their homes, Arahah Market is a hybrid market and we have both the physical and the online where they can connect and do there businesses.”

The DG also said for women who cannot go to market to carry out their businesses on daily bases, they can come once in a month to bring on board their businesses online and then continue to sell afterwards.

“All you need to do is to also contact logistics companies you can work with. The whole system is there, if you come here we will tell you how to do it.”

The Convener, Arahah Market Mrs. Esther Eghobamien Mshelia while speaking also said the initiative is about networking in business adding that women from across Africa can meet where they can trade without boundaries.

“The idea behind the market is; market access, exposure, financial management and keeping your record well so that when the helper or the banks wants to help you, they will find your record in order and judge ready for support.”

In the same vein, the WADHI Knowledge on the Go Application (KOWGO) app was launched to give women easy access to online marketing of their businesses.

Dr. Abubakar in his opening remark at the launch of the Application said, KOWGO is a digital application to help women in their business adding that WADHI is living up to its name by developing this application.

He said this initiative will revolutionalise how women do business, in the areas of accounting, marketing, selling and also facilitate wider contact within and outside their regions.

“ACCI is proud of this initiative and will continue to give its support to anything that will be favourable to women in business. WADHI is a partner in progress with ACCI and we will continue to give all the support so that you will be able to actualize your potential.”

The DG while also speaking about the newly launched KOWGO application said, the focus is to help women to know how to account for their business and then gain online market access.

“I am encouraging women to connect with us. They should come here because there are lots of benefits. We have the wives of the Area Councils Chiefs in FCT and the Eze Ndigbos on ground today, the purpose is to create strong partnerships.

Mrs. Mshelia also said the KOWGO Application launched today will help wome to continue trading so that at the end of the day from the comfort of their homes, they can sell, from the Arahah market they can also sell.

“All we are saying is both men and women should not be idle and nobody should go around saying there is no money because there is business. If you have a service or product to market, bring it to Arahah market.”

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