A clarion call to action


A Priestess of the Azhyu cult during the Jukun Cultural Day in Abinsi last year

By Anthony Maliki

My dear beloved,
I greet you all in the name of our forebears. First, I want to congratulate us on the successful celebration of the 2020 Jukun Cultural Day in Abinsi which drew our kith and kin from far and near. I must confess it was the first time I was witnessing a Jukun Day and I had sweet memories of that special day.
Anytime, I am in Abinsi I have fond memories of years gone by as a boy that I never wanted to return when holidays are over. We painted the village red with adventures of swimming in the river and try to cross to the other side. Whenever there was a traditional burial, I was always part of the Ashuku rites. The dances and all the fun were amazing. I have some of my best friends in Abinsi despite growing up outside the community. The late Dangana NPP was among them. Late Jah Castro and Big Do. Some my mates, some younger. We all blended.
However, I want to get to the point on my mind and I want those at home and others who can travel back to Abinsi and the Jukun settlements to take action.
Presently, the All Progressives Congress (APC) membership registration is ongoing. It important to note that at the moment, politics and participation in it, thereof, is key to any agitation and to voice out what we want. This is apt of our situation right now. Marginalization and all that.

My APC membership registration card

Being a member of a party has advantages as it is the foundation in which issues are tabled. When there are meetings and decisions are to be taken, one is there to present a case for his or her people. Being a member, you are a stakeholder and qualified to contest for elective positions and if the party wins and positions are allotted, you and your community are considered. But if you stay out, you are left out.
I want to encourage us to register and be a card-carrying member of any political party of our choice. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT. And make sure when officials are elected in the ward, interested persons should contest to become one of the officials. The wards are the bedrock of all political parties.
Besides, even in different parties, we should never see ourselves as rivals but trying to achieve same goal and not to put all our eggs in one basket. We must spread out.
As it is now, I have registered as member of the APC. We should as many as we can register not only in APC but all other parties of our interest. I want to use this platform to call on us to register as soon as we can. Politics is around that corner and let’s align with those that mattered.
Also, it will show that Abinsi is Jukun land and we are the stakeholders. It will be completely out of place, if for example, a governorship aspirant of any party wants to meet with members of his party ONLY in Abinsi and other tribes are present without Jukun in the majority. It will be out of place. Just have a deep reflection on that.
Also, another call is that whenever the time comes to get or revalidate voters’ card by INEC, we should come out in our numbers to get them even asking our relations in far areas to return to Abinsi for that purpose.
This is just my little clarion call to the beloved people I so much cherish.

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