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A country’s rebirth

Laraba C. Yaga

By Laraba C. Yaga

    Struggling and tussling
    Her men stood by her for defense and safety
    She was heavily pregnant for freedom
    Her due moment for delivery was so severe
    Like a woman in labour.

Struggling and tussling
The vigorous men stood firm until she brought forth her baby
Smiles and laughter on faces that beheld her
Freedom she is named
The Independence Hall welcomed and congratulated everyone
Smiles on every faces like a woman holding unto her new born baby

Arise! Arise!! Arise!!!
Shouted everyone in respect for her
The journey continues with struggles to make her the best
Nigeria it is called.

Nigeria! So rich in all ramifications
A nation she is in Africa
So fertile and religious.
A nation blessed with fertile land, yet her children starving and living in abject poverty
A nation so dynamic and rich with culture, yet injected of the -ism
A nation with scholars, yet sunk into the sea of ignorance, arrogance and illiteracy
A nation with unbeatable soldiers, yet her children always in fear
A nation with elegant and vibrant youths, but yet wondering about in search for a living

Arise o compatriots
Arise o ye Nigerians
Arise oh yes! Arise!
She is 60 years of age
Growing from grass to grace
We can do better for a better Nigeria
We are builders, we are one
We are blacks, we are Africans
We are Nigerians, yes! we are ONE
Despite all the huddles with a broken paddle,
We shall sail to victory,
For hope lives in us like a citadel
Happy birthday NIGERIA!!!

Laraba is President, International African Writers’ Association (IAWA), Nigerian Branch.

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