Abdul Samad Rabiu Africa Initiative expands health support grant to 4 more states with N10bn


Billionaire Abdul Samad Rabiu

By Anthony Maliki

Billionaire Abdul Samad Rabiu’s ASR Africa, an Initiative set out to support sustainable development in Health, Education and Social Development within Nigeria and in Africa at large has added four new states to its health grant beneficiaries for the year 2021.

Speaking on the new package, the Managing Director of ASR Africa, Ubon Udoh, has revealed that since the inception of the Abdul Samad Rabiu Initiative and its $100 million Africa Fund for Social Development, the  Initiative has identified key development needs in Healthcare, Education, and Social Development within Nigeria and the African continent at large.

Based on its findings, the  ASR Africa Initiative has commenced implementation of some of the projects in the key development areas. It has also,  in addition to its earlier activities in the West African subregion, decided to a commit N2.5Billion each to 4 different states in Nigeria. The states listed are Sokoto, Ogun, Kwara and Edo States.

According to Ubon Udoh, ‘this expanded Grant will be dedicated towards healthcare interventions from maternal and childcare to health infrastructure, capacity development among others.’

‘We will develop mutual accountability frameworks with state implementation teams after which fifty percent of the grant will be disbursed immediately to commence implementation of the projects and the remaining fifty percent will be released in line with agreed delivery milestones’, he added.

Billionaire industrialist, Abdula Samad Rabiu has been at the vanguard of sound health initiatives for his homebcountry and the continent at large.

He was the country’s largest donor to the private sector initiative in combatting Coronavirus apart from his own personal support for many of the states to help set up health facilities that will outlive the pandemic.

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