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Adamawa Labour Party chair urges Presidential Tribunal to declared Obi Winner


Nicholas Christopher, chairman, Adamawa Labour Party

By Joseph Adahnu, Yola

The Labour Party is urging the Presidential Election Petition Tribunal (PEPT) to  declare Peter Obi winner of the 25th February 2023 presidential election having scored 25 percent votes cast in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT).

Adamawa state chairman of the party Mr Nicholas Christopher who stated in an interview urging the Tribunal to declare Obi and to nullify Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinibu who fails to score 25 percent of votes in the FCT the country’s capital.

Or the Election Tribunal to nulify the entire outcome of the presidential and order a re-run of presidential election contested.

Christopher made this during a stakeholders meeting in a Sensitize Symposium titled “All Eyes Juditiary” while addressing the stakeholders drawn across all the  21 Local Government Areas of the state while charging members to be wary of the fourth coming council elections as he urge them not to be diceived by those coming in sheep flesh claiming they are stakeholders of the party in order to divert their attention during the election should not to entertain them.

He said all you need to do shine your eyes and elect Labour party and ensure you protect your votes, guide and secure them so that your vote counts to avoid it being stolen in the name of “we don’t have structures on ground.”

According to Christopher, “we are urging the Presidential Election Petition Tribunal to declare Labour Party and Peter Obi as the winner for having scored 25 percent votes at the February 25th 2023 Presidential Election.”

He noted that after “declaring Obi president, and called on the Election Tribunal to declare Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinibu who has fails to score 25 percent of votes at FCT the country’s capital”.

“Or the Election Tribunal should nullifies the entire and order for re-run for a fresh contest,” Christopher added.

Speaking earlier, the Stakeholders representative, Reverend Jerry Jay alleged that Adamawa state Governorship why the People’s Democratic Party (PDP)
worned All Progressive Congress (APC) PDP we’re in accord with the Labour Party for Gov. Fintiri to complete his second eight years term.

He said on his completion, LP will produce the next Governor of the state following the aggrement reached in the last Governorship election because in Nigeria they have ony one party which is the Labour Party and others, that many don’t know who owns the party, said the party is owned by Nigerians that is why the party has membership across the nation including Abuja.

The Stakeholders noted that, they are claiming that LP has no structures, why are they fighting them (LP) that they don’t have votes in the north are you surprised that LP has taken over the north and country, he asked.

His words “they said we don’t have structures to produce Governor and President in Nigeria, why fighting us, since we didn’t have votes in the north, we have paid them a surprise visit by taken over the north and the nation”.

On his part, the chairman Yola South Mohammed said “we is in Labour Party for the sake of the Widow and Orphans, win or not “we are going to help them that is why the Party has a wider support across the nation”.

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