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Adamawa Rerun: Hon. Boya denies masterminding snatching of summary sheet in Fufore

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By Samuel Torlumun

Controversies have continue to trail inconclusive declaration of governorship election in Adamawa. One of the latest is the fingering of Hon. Aliyu Wakili Boys, member elect, Federal House of Representatives, Fufore/Song over the Fufore electoral malpractices. The Governor of Adamawa State, His Excellency Alh Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri, who is also the candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, on two occasions, on national television accused, Hon. Boya of sponsoring thugs who snatch election results sheets in Fufore.

But, a few hours after the second allegation, Apex News Exclusive had an encounter with Barr. Boya at the Nnadi Ezikiwe International Airport Abuja and seek his response.
The Hon. Member Elect, said, some elements are working hard to bring his hard earned reputation to disrepute and make him look bad in the eyes of the people and the governor. He said the Governor acted on a wrong information. He spoke with Samuel Torlumun on what he called a calculated mischief for political reasons;

Hon. Aliyu wakili Boya Member Elect, House of Representatives Fufore/Song Fed. Constituency

Tell us; did you sponsor thugs to snatch results sheet as alleged by His Excellency, Adamawa State Governor?

The allegation is completely unfounded. I am constrained to react to this allegation to clear my name. When you allow falsehood to be repeated for so long, it becomes like the truth. I want to say that the statement made by His Excellency Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri on Channels TV, this Sunday evening, and the one of two days ago, that I participated in the electoral illegalities that took place in Fufore during gubernatorial and state assembly elections, on the 18th March, 2023, is not true.

I share a similar view that the event in Fufore on election day was totally uncalled for and regrettable. And, by this position, I hereby disassociate myself completely from the illegalities that took place that day.

But what do you think is responsible for your name being mentioned?

This is the handiwork of mischief makers. They want to tarnish me before my constituents. This is purely for political reasons. To score cheap political goal. To say the least, I am taken aback that, a mischief maker would informed the Governor that I was involved in the electoral illegality. This is not only a mistake, but a mischief taken too far.

How do you justify your innocence?

There is even no proof that the criminal acts were undertaken by persons associated with our party, the APC.

I am a trained lawyer, a title holder, a former Local Government Chairman and an elected Law Maker. I can never get myself involved in any act of criminality, especially subverting the popular will of the people. I am a product of democracy and a respect democratic processes. I have no such record in my political career. This alone vindicates me.

Beside, I come from a very respected family background and my upbringing was based on the virile values of honesty and mutual respect for norms. I want to state categorically, with every sense of honesty as a devout Muslim that, I am totally not involved in the Fufore debacle and felt embarrassed that my name could be associated with such dastard illegality.

What then is your message to your constituents, the people of your state, and the Governor?

Those who mentioned my name and attributed such criminal action to me are totally wrong, and mischievous, and are doing so for political reasons. Trying to link my name and person to the events in Fufore is absolute falsehood and blatant duplicity by whoever gave such information to the Governor. I want to state that the person(s) who linked my name to the event and even went ahead to wrongly inform the Governor is (are) simply a purveyor of “Fake News” and true enemy of the people. I pledge to dig deep to unravel those who are peddlers of this caricature. It is my sincere hope that this reaction would re-inform His Excellency of the true happening in Fufore and disabuse the minds of the people of Adamawa state to the effect of any involvement by me in any form of illegality that took place in Fufore.

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