Adamawa SSG, Ahmed most misunderstood


Alhaji Bashir Ahmed

By Nuhu Adamu

Adamawa politics us often characterised by smear campaign fueled by envy and malice.

Usually some elements, usually those disgruntled due to personal and/or selfish considerations, are wont to taking prominent figures on the pages of newspapers.

Most recently, especially with the advent of social media, mischief makers are wont to scandalising people.

The Secretary to Adamawa state Government (SSG), Bashir Ahmed, is a victim of such smear campaign in recent times.

Rabble rousers, especially those of the stuck if Jimeta politics got themselves engaged with barragee of attacks against the SSG.

What is however laughable is that looking at the gamut of all the issues raised against him, his accusers only succeeded in revealing their ignorance, just as they betrayed their desperation to harm a man who is standing out.

Another issue that is unknown to them is the fact that, the SSG is a man that is well understood by his boss, Governor Ahmadu Fintiri.

Attempts have been made cast the SSG in bad light, trying to castigate him on alleged mismanagement of COVID-19 funds.

In some cases, the same elements have sustained efforts to attack his personal life on ground of poor morality.

Against the backdrop, a one time Governorship contender in the state, Alhaji A. A. Lawan Uba, came to the defense of the SSG.

He categorically took on the attackers, and with a jest, describing them as trying to make a storm in a tea cup.

To Uba, Bashir stands tall; and infact, the tallest of all since creation of the state. He posited that Bashir cannot be discredited or pulled down by mischief makers

He argued vehemently, that as the engine room of Adamawa state government, Bashir was enjoying the full confidence of his boss.

He furthered that Bashir can never be deterred or cowed I to bending the rules for the selfish benefit of those out to reap where they didn’t sow.

On allegation of mismanaging coronavirus funds, Uba counselled them to seek proper education on the operations o the Adamawa State Covid-19 Containment Committee.

Firstly, Uba said the committee was empowered by law to spent money before accounting for it.

Notwithstanding, the SSG who is the chairman, decided to put in place a procurement committee, co-chaired by the CAN chairman, Bishop Dami Mamza and the chairman of Muslim Coucil, Alhaji Gambo Jika.

Uba called on the good people of Adamawa State to disregard all the malicious media content being peddled agaisi the SSG. He described all the lies as rubbish.

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