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Adamawa State Governor Ahmadu Fintiri: Special publication of one year of good governance


It’s one of the areas of top priority of the Fintiri led administration. During 2019 campaigns for elections, Governor promised the people of Adamawa that he will change the security architecture of the state if elected into office.To this end, the Governor has matched words with action by achieving the followings:

– Ensured arrest of hundreds of Shila boys and kidnappers.

– Procured 60 brand new Hilux vans and 59 motor cycles for “Operation Farauta” to checkmate activities of criminals.

– Purchased 10 Toyota Land Cruiser for the military to help in the fight against Boko Haram.

– Employed over 1500 persons as Local vigilante in Michika and Madagali.

– Approved payment of N46,500 monthly to vigilante in Michika and Madagali to compliment the fight against Boko Haram.

– Approved engagement of a batch of 100 vigilantes in Garkida to help the military check the menace of Boko Haram.

– Robust Engagement of traditional and religious leaders coupled with security agencies towards ending communal clashes

– frequent visits to hotspots
peace to calm tension and commiserates with victims.


Governor has been emphasizing that his administration will reconnect the state with motorable roads to boost the economy of Adamawa. According to the Governor, road construction is the only way that will ensure speedy development across the state. He promised to beautify the state capital and open up rural roads to ease transport difficulties of people and farm produce in the state. Upon assumption into office, Governor Fintiri engaged himself and achieved the followings:

– Completed roads that include Mustapha Ismaila Road, Bomi Road, Lafiya Road, Kwara Road, Maiduguri Road all behind Adamawa State House of Assembly Complex. Others included Buwangal –LCCN Road in Ganye, Muchalla Road in Mubi North and another one at Girie local government area.

– Constructed new roads in the state capital that include Benue, Kaduna, Lusaka, Abeokuta and Ndafora streets all within NEPA, Philip Maken and links off Army Barracks roads, Falu road that links Karewa extension, Lekki Talb street and Bachure Road.

– Construction and Rehabilitation of 322 kilometers of roads across various farming communities in the state through RAMP which include Kona Yaji-Mijiwana-Ardur, Hong-Mijili-Kuvagaya, Wurobokki-Uding-Pella, Longa Ewa-WuroAbbo – Wuro Yombo, Toungo-Kiri and Kola Junction- Bonshikiri (Dumna ward) Shelleng Bakta Road Junction – Bare, Yolde Pate Prison –Yadim, Gurin-Falingo, Parda-Muninga and Daba-MayoBelwa Roads. Others includes Pole Wire-Ndikong, Ngurore / Mayo Belwa Road junction- Gongoshi, Ribawo Junction-Muchalla and Mayo-Nguli-Manjekan-Salama roads.


Education, being the second of the eleven point agenda of Governor, has also received adequate the attention the sector deserves. Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri did not only accord the sector financial support but repositioned it to fit with the reality across the globe. He has achieved so much in education.

– Declared free and compulsory education from Primary 1 to SS III.

– Reintroduced introduced feeding programme in public secondary schools.

– Declared free WAEC and NECO fees for all qualified final year secondary school students.

– Paid matching grant for access of over 8 billion naira UBE stimulus.

– Built over 1000 academic blocks consisting 3 classrooms and one office across the state through ADSUBEB.

– Renovation of 5,000 blocks of 3 classrooms and one office in all the 226 wards in the state through ADSUBEB.

Spearheaded the lobby for conversion of Modibbo Adamawa University of Technology to a conventional university.

– Timely released of overhead cost for ADSU and restructured the institution.

– Approval and release of funds for ADSU convocation of that was neglected for about a decade.

– Successfully organised selection process and sponsorship of qualified Adamawa students for foreign scholarship.

– Paid scholarship allowances to All Adamawa State students in various tertiary Institutions within and outside the state

By Muhammad B. Tukur, Gcfr, SSA New Media to the Governor

Design : Ijafiya Domiya

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