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Advocacy Behavioral Patterns Initiative wants government to address crisis of out-of-school children in Nigeria

Nigeria’s Minister of Education, Professor Mamman Tahir

By our reporter

The Advocacy for Positive Behavioral Patterns Initiative urgently calls upon governments at all levels to recognize the alarming surge in the number of out-of-school children in Nigeria as a potent threat to national security and stability.

This surge not only deprives youth of their right to education but also sets the stage for potential social unrest. The absence of formal education creates a void often filled by illicit activities, steering young minds towards the perilous path of social vices. To safeguard our nation’s future, addressing this crisis is imperative.

The Advocacy for Positive Behavioral Patterns Initiative in a statement emphasizes that investing in education is not just an academic pursuit but a strategic imperative for building a progressive and secure nation. Education is the bedrock for developing a skilled workforce, critical thinkers, and responsible citizens.

It said neglecting the education of our youth risks jeopardizing the very foundation upon which the future of Nigeria rests.

Advocacy for Positive Behavioral Patterns Initiative noted that, while not conducting an in-depth reserve, has observed the increasing numbers of out-of-school children.

It noted that the call for immediate attention is a plea for the preservation of our national identity and the fortification of our societal fabric and governments must allocate sufficient resources and enact policies to ensure every child has access to quality education.

“The time to act is now, for every day without intervention pushes our nation further down a perilous path. Let us unite in the pursuit of a progressive Nigeria, where education is not a luxury but a fundamental right granted to every child. Our collective future depends on it, and the Advocacy for Positive Behavioral Patterns Initiative stands resolute in the fight for a brighter and more secure tomorrow”, the statement stressed.

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