Attract investors for job creation – ICT expert, Ita urges Nigeria government


Mr. Hogan Ita

By Akpan David, Calabar

The federal as well as Cross River State governments have been urged to make the environment very friendly to attract more investors into the states so that they can help in creating new jobs for the citizens.

An Information, Communication Technology (ICT) consultant, Mr Hogan Ita made the call in Calabar at his birthday celebration.

He bemoaned the level of compliance with ICT by younger Nigerians, saying it was imperative for knowledge of ICT to be entrenched as it is now the way to go.

He called for commensurate training and empowerment to enable the Nigerian youths compete in the modern times.

He disclosed that the state government’s policies had discouraged him and his co-investors at the time to establish what he described as the biggest smart city in Africa.

He also rued the increasing joblessness in the country, insisting that Nigerians, especially the younger ones should be guided and empowered as a way of averting social menace.

“At a time, as an international ICT consultant and investor, our partners and collaborators came and ready to establish the biggest smart city in Africa m. We acquired hectares of land in the state. But we were blocked.”

He blamed the government for the increasing criminality in the country, saying the government embargo against employment had given rise to kidnapping, armed robbery, banditry and cultism.

“When the 15 year job embargo was lifted those who were unemployed for that length of time were abandoned as even governments and enterprises were now looking for much younger and fresh graduates for employment. What then happened to those that were affected by he job embargo? They resorted to criminality “

He called for deliberate government policies that will bring in investors and create jobs for Nigerians as a way of averting further killings and other crimes in future.

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