Awka development authority warns traders to vacate Anambra roads, streets


By Sunny A. David, Awka
A mild skirmish ensured at the Amawbia Roundabout where staff of Awka Capital Territory Development Authority (ACTDA) went to clear the debris at the scene of a recent accident involving a truck laden with petrol that killed some of people.
Some residents and business owners in the area resisted the move and the ACTDA personnel left the area for fear of violence.
On arrival, our correspondent observed that some shops around the place that were not burnt down are marked for removal by the authority.
Speaking, one of the business owners, Mrs. Clementina Obi said that they have been doing business there for more than seven years without disturbance and lamented that the decision to relocate them would have adverse effects on their business.
However, a resident who spoke to the our correspondent off camera pointed out that the exercise is long over-due as some of the people operating businesses along that road obstruct traffic and cause obstruction,  as they sometimes do business right on the road, nothing that it is risky for everyone such as drivers and other road users.
Our correspondent met a bread supplier with their van, Miss Blessing Nnaji and she said that her business of supplying bread has been affected as she now witness low patronage, saying that she usually sell off her goods before nine o’clock in the morning, which is no longer the case.
Reacting to the development, the Managing Director, Awka Capital Territory Development Authority, Venerable Amaechi Okwuosa explained that the action of the organization was in line with their mandate of keeping the city clean, healthy and safe.
Venerable Okwuosa explained that in August 2018, he paid a visit to business owners and hawkers in the area and asked them to vacate for their own safety, which was not heeded and instead of doing so, many of them built additional structures, even without approval.
He regretted that people took laws into their hands and threatens some staff of the agency, adding that public safety should not be compromised.
Recall that before now, state government banned street trading across the state.

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