Bauchi 2023 guber race: Group give Ambassador Tuggar 2 weeks ultimatum to declare interest to contest


Members of the Ambassador Tuggar Maitama Foundation

By Akanji Alowolodu, Bauchi

As agitations for 2023 general election hot up, Nigeria Ambassador to Germany, Yusuf Maitama Tuggar has been given a  two-week ultimatum to declare his interest in aspiring for the governorship of Bauchi State under the All Progressives Congress (APC). 
The ultimatum was given to the Ambassador by a Bauchi-based political pressure group, ‘Ambassador Yusuf Maitama Tuggar Foundation’ (AYMTF) at  the end of its meeting in Bauchi last weekend. 

The group opined that, Tuggar’s exposure to the outside world with so many connections abroad, would enable him woo investments to Bauchi state when he eventually assumes the mantle of leadership as elected Governor in 2023.
The group in a solidarity meeting held in Bauchi Sunday, observed that none of the people aspiring to the governorship position in the state has the credentials Ambassador Yusuf Tuggar possessed, likewise the capability to rule, and the popularity to attract people’s votes.
Chairman of the Foundation, Bello Muhammad Tukura told the meeting that their resolve to pull Yusuf Maitama Tuggar into the governorship race was borne out of his ability to steer the ship of Bauchi state to an unprecedented height.

He said that, “His generosity posture across the wide spectrum of Bauchi state communities was the traversable force that compelled l us to root for Ambassador Yusuf Tuggar’s governorship in Bauchi state come 2023 polls”.
The leader further explained that the group membership cut across the state that attended the solidarity meeting is a clear testimony of Tuggar’s acceptability by the people to assume the much coveted seat under the umbrella of the All Progressives Congress (APC).
Also speaking, a strong pillar of the group, Hon. Abubakar Umar said that they have in a number of times elected a Governor for Bauchi state with yet their mandates not fulfilled, hence the choice of versatile politician like  Ambassador Tuggar to take people to the promised land.
Abubakar Umar said that, “So we gave Tuggar an ultimatum of two weeks to adhere to our demand of contesting the governorship seat of the state, as failure to show up for the race, we have no option other than to subject him to a competent court of law in the land”.
Nasiru Bakura, a former Chairman of Gamawa Local Government Council, Tuggar’s country home, and Comrade Abdo Danladi Maigoro, both adjudged that Ambassador Yusuf Tuggar is the most qualified and suitable person to lead Bauchi state, hence their resolve to root for him.
They said, “We want the ambassador to make up his mind to gun for the state seat. People want him in the position because of his concern for them. He is a straight forward person. He is very magnanimous and politics is all about magnanimity”.
The supporters further explained that if the All Progressives Congress (APC) want recollect its Bauchi seat confiscated via 2019 polls by the PDP, the most suitable aspirant to fill for the race must be Ambassador Tuggar.  
Another member of the group, Ahmad Muhammad Tilde while speaking said, “Tuggar has concern not only for the down-trodden people of the state, but Nigerians generally. If I can tell you what goodies his ambassadorial position brought to Nigeria, you will thump up that he is the best person to lead us”.
Ahmad Tilde expressed optimism that with credible and fair elections in Bauchi state comes 2023, APC would grasp back its governorship seat, and called on stakeholders in the party to think twice before fielding any aspirant to the much coveted seat.

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