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Bishop Aniefiok Jacob: I want to evangelise, serve people and create employment for the needy


Nigerian-born Bishop Aniefiok Jacob is from Akwa Ibom State. He has a strong passion for the Word of God and loves to assist people with economic empowerment. The Jonesboro, Arkansas, USA-based evangelist speaks to Apex News about his background, gospel inspiration and business activities. Excerpts:
Give a brief background of yourself.
I am a servant of God who is called to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ to the people of God all over the world.
I am called into the ministry to serve people, touch lives positively and win the lost souls to come back to God.
I am the President and Founder of Christ Ambassadors Ministries international in Jonesboro, Arkansas, United States of America.  I am also the Founder and President of Coins Against Hunger, an outreach and non-profit organization that was set up with the aim of feeding the hungry children all over the world.  On the other hand, I am the current President of African Union of Jonesboro. I am the author of the “The Master Key Is in You. How to Unlock the Divine Blessings of God in Your Life.”

How did your missionary work started?
My missionary work began out of the compelling necessity to be a blessing to humanity spiritually, physically and materially. Spiritually in the sense of empowering the people with the word of God, physically by showing unconditional love and materially by meeting their basic needs within the context of our capacity.
What do you do in the United States?
I am a very busy person that is always and constantly engaged in different things that will help our community here in the States as well as the people in Africa.
I am also an ordained Bishop overseeing other ministries to help them in their spiritual and physical needs around the world.  I am a presiding pastor in our local church in Jonesboro, Arkansas.  Furthermore, I am business man and a speaker in many conferences. I have worked with big corporations such as Atlas steel group, Nestle foods as their new hire trainer and Fritolay.
Presently, I am working with Ruscorr LLC in Harrisburg, United States.  As you can see, every second of my time is very valuable and must use it judiciously to meet lined up engagements.

Bishop Jacob and his wife Gwendolyn at the 1st Africa Union end of year party at Jonesboro, Arkansas, USA, in December, 2017

What is your inspiration into the Word of God?
The word of God has the power to completely change anybody’s life for good. I have seen miracles upon miracles happening through the power of the word of God. I have seen people set free and hope restored to the hopeless through the word of God.
The joy and inspiration I derived by seeing God performing miracles through his words is very real. By so doing, I am becoming humbler daily. Psalm 119 v 105 said it all. “Your word is a lamp for my feet and a light on my path.”
Why did you establish the African food shop in Jonesboro?
The reason is to serve people and solve their problems as well. I looked at things from the standpoint of the ministry. There has never been any African food store in Jonesboro even though we have fast growing population of Africans here. African people including myself used to travel approximately two hours to Memphis or Little Rock just to buy food items of their choice. That prompted me opened A&G International food store in Jonesboro, Arkansas.
What products do you sell?
At A&G International Food Store, we sell all kinds of African food stuff including Caribbeans and Asians foods.
Where do you get the product from?
We get some of the products within United States with wholesale prices. But we have also talked with different people who are interested to work with us outside the United States and modalities are ongoing for direct importation as we progress and expand.
You had plans to establish a gas refinery in Akwa Ibom, Nigeria. What stage is it now?
The plan to established refinery in Akwa Ibom State in Nigeria is part of our mission work to serve the people and create employment opportunities to youths in Nigeria.
As the Managing Director of Rhema cog Energy Development, USA, I can boldly say that we met all the requirements given to us by our investors who are willing to fund the project. As soon as the fund is released, the refinery will commence immediately. Our team and foreign partners who are missionaries cum businessmen are working tirelessly to see this dream coming to reality. We are also patiently waiting on God to make it happen in due season.
Second from right, Bishop Jacob, his wife and others during the official opening of A&G International Food Store

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  1. Idongesit Ezekiel Obot says

    May God continue to direct your paths and bring your dreams to reality especially on bringing the lost souls back to God the creator and transforming the lives of people economically through your capacity. Remains blessed.

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