Commentary on the Nigerian protests

From Usman Shehu Usman 

The protests, which began in the name of ending violence by the SARS anti-robbery police in Nigeria, have turned into something else.

Although the attempt led to the disbandment of the army, the lack of full leadership of the protesters left the organizers unmoved, according to DW Hausa Service Editor Usaman Shehu Usman in a commentary.

He said the EndSARS theme has hit the world’s media, especially social media. SARS has a reputation for torturing suspected criminals, sometimes even killing people instantly without tea, as has been the case with militant groups in other countries.

She went so far as to say that SARS can prosecute a person without charge, and that if you have knowledge of SARS, you can have a person arrested and imprisoned with robbers. For example, whether it is a land dispute or a marital dispute, the SARS office in Abuja is often overcrowded with family members or plaintiffs. Complaints about SARS go unheeded, three times the Inspector General of Police has banned the force from certain activities, they have been renamed several times to bring about reforms, but nothing has changed. The huge amount of money that people pay to receive a relative who has fallen into the hands of SARS, or who wants to be treated by an adversary, has given SARS the power to ignore the court or the police law. To track down people affected by SARS, 

Pushing the wall and the government failing to address the issue, young people especially from the south of the country have taken to social media with the nickname EndSARS. News soon spread that protests had begun. Some prominent figures began to say that this was the right thing to do, including President Buhari’s daughter and daughter of Vice President Osinbajo and members of parliament and even President Buhari himself openly supporting the people’s grievances against the force and ordering it. destroy it altogether.

Color change and Lack of guidance

The protesters saw bloodshed and refused to return to their homes, saying they not only wanted to dismantle the army, but also had a series of demands. Many Nigerians are facing security challenges in the north.Youth groups from across northern Nigeria have joined the protests but in the name of ending security concerns, he has also been welcomed by Aisha Buhari’s first lady. The country was in turmoil, with rioters rioting and breaking into prisons and attacking police stations. This is where things start to change, according to some. Authorities, who saw the danger in allowing the protests to continue, hired thugs, mostly from the north, to quell the protests. most are southerners.

Religious and ethnic differences played a role in reducing the intensity of the protests.

Northerners have called off the protests immediately because some leaders are speaking out. Gradually the protests turned into ethnic clashes in the north of the country in the southern cities with attackers and burning of property. There are no security forces on the streets, they sit idly by and see that they can do nothing for the government, they attack the property of politicians who they think are hindering their future.The government called in the military to intervene, and they were deployed overnight in Abuja, and immediately the Abuja protests began to subside, but in Lagos it was alleged that several protesters were shot dead, prompting a crackdown. domestically and abroad to the European Union and the United Nations. And now the protests have turned into food stocks, 

Is it right for SARS only?

Some have criticized Buhari’s rule, saying the president has failed to deliver on most of his election promises, angering almost every part of the country. Because Buhari was elected with good intentions in the fight against corruption and security, a problem that led to the overthrow of the PDP government after 16 years in power. But it was not long before Buhari’s popularity began to wane.Because corruption has not changed, the security situation in the North West has worsened. As a result, youths in the north of the country have been protesting for the past three months, especially in his home state of Katsina.The failure to replace the army chiefs after their retirement has further cast doubt on President Buhari’s ideology, although security is deteriorating but he has refused to do so, with the legislature demanding that they be replaced, but not Buhari or his body.

Was there an impact by the EndSARS protests?

Regardless of the impact of the protests, one is that several state governments have announced the establishment of SARS investigative committees. Secondly, the government is shaken, because President Buhari has made so many changes that it is almost impossible for a president like him to keep silent. For example, deducting fuel subsidy, increasing the cost of electricity and gas at the same time especially after the corona crisis.But then some young people on the streets broke into the building they wanted, whether public or private. This really shows the young government that it can do anything if it pushes it to the wall. Some politicians have been accused of wanting to join the protests, but with young people without a leader, protesters have failed to gain access.

Advice to the government

At the moment, the changes that need to be made by the authorities are to look at the salaries of politicians, governors, members of parliament and so on, and increase the security and education sectors so that they can provide better education. In the area of ​​employment, Nigeria has trained talented young people who can work anywhere in the world, but the problem is, you see a graduate selling doya, someone with a diploma earning the highest salary. of a professor at the university. Hiring a government job makes you aware of no matter what you study, some ministries have doubled their salaries several times over, even though they have studied one school at a time. (DW)

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