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Commission resolves 48,000 cases of violence among couples


The Sokoto State Hisbah Commission says it has resolved 48,000 cases of domestic violence among couples in 2017.
The commission also disclosed that it has received 2,160 complaints from January to April 2018.
Dr Adamu Kwasarawa, Commander of Sokoto State Hisbah Commission, disclosed this in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Sokoto on Sunday.
Kwasarawa said that investigations conducted by the commission had revealed that ignorance on marriage responsibilities and non-meeting up with such responsibilities are the major causes of disagreement in marriages.
According to him, the commission which has 106 offices with 10,260 workers across the 23 local government areas of the state, records between 15 and 25 cases of matrimonial disputes daily.
Kwasarawa, therefore, advised parents and community leaders to always guide young persons interested in marriage to prevent marriage collapse.
He stressed the need for more knowledge on marital responsibilities between couples before consummating marriages.
The commander also attributed the rising cases of domestic violence among couples to ignorance and non-fulfillment of matrimonial responsibilities among couples.
He stated that most couples had no sound understanding of marriage responsibilities as well as physical and psychological nature which differ between man and woman, but assist in tolerating each others’ mistakes.
He further called on parents to always screen marriage partners and shun high expectation which, according to him, also contributes to disputes when a party doesn’t play as expected.
Kwasarawa pointed out that Islam stipulated obligatory and supererogatory duties for husbands and wives in matrimonial settings, saying that most cases are emanating from polygamous families where the husband gives preference to one wife over the others.
He said the commission had planned increased awareness among residents and interaction at mosques and other social gatherings to curb the ugly situation. (NAN)

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