Cry the beloved Awanu Nation


The Jukun has a rich culture

By HRH Dr. Sabo Ajidoku Emmanuel

After the era of wars and conquests and the disappearance or decline and fall of great Empires, Kingdoms and Dynasties, many independent states began to flourish in peace and stability. The Awanu Nation which formed a part-to-a-whole to the old Kwararafa Dynasty enjoyed this relative peace and stability, afterwards.

And being a frontier zone, the Wanu Nation was a corridor or buffer zone between the enterprising merchandise of the South and the North trading routes. This was the vantage point and position that saw to the growth and expansion of the people and their land.

Unfortunately, this erstwhile relative peace and stability began to dwindle, became void to the state of dystopia. This emergent Awanu Nation began to witness the invasion of ‘locusts’ from the North-Eastern part of their territory. It was an army of Mephistophelian people. A people of no discipline, no culture came to sojourn on this land. Awanu people being hospitable and accommodating accepted to live with them. Albeit to their chagrin the Awanu people who are the aborigines later became the waifs and strays of our society. A people with no home. This Congo-like Bantus, penetrated cunningly and took possession of this piece of our inheritance and currently are in maximum control of it. They even dictate to us when to go on or about our legitimate or lawful businesses. Sanctions or severe penalties await those who will contravene the orders. Life is no longer at ease as the people are confronted with patches of miserable and bizarre phenomenon. Evidence of crisis is looming in the sky as the people are erroneously accused. The shameless sell-outs among the Wanu people are busy fanning the cooking cauldron, oblivious of the inferno that may eventually consume them.

Already, some Awanu towns and villages such as Amwo, Akatsu Ashiku etc have been attacked and the people sacked. Places like Banjimba, Abinsi, Agbodo, Agyogo, Asede, Anuhwa, Anyishi are on the list and targeted for attack. Believe it or not that is the agenda of these Mephistophelian and their cohorts or surrogates.

So, today, what the Awanu experience on the land are: famine, pestilence, draught, starvation, frustration, denial, penury etc. There is object poverty on the land. This has forced Wanu to vacate their ancestral homeland to other places, even crossing international boundaries in search of livelihood. This is quite disheartening, disgusting, sad and pitiful. There, in foreign lands of the Republics of Niger, Tchad and Cameroon, they are confronted with the harsh or draconian penalties of residence permit and laws of the land. The future is very likely bleak. No hope, no future for Wanu children? The people are leaving in fears and despair. At the moment, the atmosphere is charged as they are wailing, groaning, weeping, crying and mourning.

Cry the beloved Awanu Nation, as the people are perishing and dying. Generally, existence is on the rocks. Where is the messiah? And who is the messiah of Awanu Nation? When will the Messiah come to redeem the people? The people need liberation, emancipation, liberty and freedom. The people need radiant smiles on their faces. And when shall that come? For sure, the land cannot be a land of little people forever. Someone shall surely come to rescue someday. So be prepared. You could be the someone, the Messiah long anticipated.

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