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Dispute in debts, marriages can be resolved through mediation – Bauchi Chief Judge tells Magistrates, Shari’a Court judges

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Chief Judge of Bauchi State, Justice Rabi Talatu Umar

 By Usman  Shehu, Bauchi

The Chief Judge of Bauchi State, Justice Rabi Talatu Umar, has warned chief magistrates and Shari’a Court judges to refrain from unnecessary reprimand of debtors in correctional centres in the bid to recover the debts, saying such action is retrogressive and not a solution to the problem. 

Justice Rabi said such disputes in debts and marriages can be resolved through mediation and exploring avenues for amicable settlement.

Justice Rabi during review of cases of awaiting trial inmates under the Administration of Justice Committee which she is heading, further warned the judges and magistrates not to allow their courts be stepping stones for litigants to intimidate debtors.

She urged them not to use your good offices to abuse the powers given to them noting what what is the use to have cause to reprimand a debtor and at the same time want a debt be recovered. “What magic do you want your debtor to do, who is under detention in a correctional centre?

“If you cause for the reprimand of a debtor, you are responsible for feeding him/her while in the correctional centre no matter how long he/she stay because government cannot take that responsibility at your instance, so I’m reminding correctional centre officials about this responsibility”, the Chief Judge said.

Justice Rabi during the routine quarterly ATMs review exercise of the committee, released eight inmates and granted bail to two from across five correctional centres of Darazo, Misau, Azare, Jama’are and Ningi with four, three and one discharged from Misau, Azare and Ningi respectively, and one each bailed from Misau and Azare.

On cases of witchcraft, the chief judge explained that the courts don’t determine who is a witchcraft, adding “It is also naive, irreligious, and culturally immoral for an alleged witchcraft to be forced naked to cross over suspected victim as antidote for the witches”.

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