Easter: Bishop expresses solidarity with victims of unfortunate tragedies in Nigeria


Bishop Badejo Emmanuel of the Catholic Diocese of Oyo on Saturday advised Nigerians to make sacrifice their hallmarks for peace, goodness and harmony to reign in the country.
Badejo  said this in his Easter message that he made available to  the News Agency of Nigeria ( NAN)  in Lagos.
The bishop said that  through sacrifice, they would be like Jesus Christ and the victims of unfortunate tragedies would smile and be happy.
He said that Christians all over the world were celebrating the ressurrection of Jesus Christ at  Easter  because he sacrificed himself and allowed himself  to be killed by his persecutors.
“Our leaders must similarly make similar sacrifice to the people by providing them good governance. It is the only way to live a human and humane life.
“There is no legitimate leadership without sacrifice and service. Jesus came so that people may have life and life to the full,” he said.
The bishop also expressed solidarity with fellow Nigerians who had been victims of the bloodshed, kidnappings and other unfortunate tragedies in the country during this season.
He prayed  that God should bring  peace and harmony  all over Nigeria at Easter as  Nigerians  celebrated Jesus who suffered and died so that sinners might live and turn to God.
The bishop also appealed to the government to continue in its good work by  doing everything possible to defend and protect the lives of  Nigerians.
The prelate also appealed to the government to seriously deal with all forms of extra-judicial killings being experienced in parts of the country.
“That, unfortunately,  is the case in our country for now. Sadly we suffer heavy loss of human lives and the authorities do very little about it. This must change,” he said.
The bishop, however, urged all Nigerians to continue to believe in God’s promise and never lose hope.
“There is power in God’s promise. Don’t commit suicide, do not despair. God conquered death, so what else can he not conquer?
“In this world, you will have trouble but, courage, I have conquered the world” according to the Book of John 16 verse 13,” he quoted.
Bishop Badejo  called on all Nigerians to continue to work hard and pray according to God’s commandment.
He said that through that, they would be establishing a kingdom where they would be  loving one another,  irrespective of tribe, religion or status.
“Just love your neighbour as yourself and do unto others only as you will  like them to do to you.
“Everything we do shall one day be rewarded.  God will reward you at the resurrection. May God bless us, his people,” Badejo said. (NAN)

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