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Economic hardship: APC stalwart urges Nigeria Government to reconsider borders closure

By our Reporter, Lafia

An All Progressives Congress (APC ) stalwart, Dr Mohammed Kassim has appealed to the Federal Government to reasses border closure in the interest of Nigerians.

Dr Kassim, in a statement made available to newsmen on Saturday in Lafia, said borders reopening would enhance Nigerian economy.

According to him, having interacted with ordinary Nigerians, business men and women, it becomes imperative as a concerned citizen to humbly request for reassessment of the borders

He noted that his request to reasses border closure and possible reopening was not any way to go against government interest on local production to grow Nigeria economy.

Dr Kassim, who is also a special adviser to Gov. Abdullahi Sule of Nasarawa State on Political Affairs said the request was borne out of genuine concern for Nigerians, giving their outcries against the cost of living.

He said that considering the dwindling economy and its attendance effect on businesses and the cost of living, border reopening would be a bolster as Nigeria promotes local production of goods and services simultaneously.

“There has been a lot outcries from the general public. They are enduring tremendous hardship, possibly unbeknownst to our leaders.

“Our economy is stagnant, businesses are struggling, and the prices of goods are skyrocketing.

“Borders reopening is crucial for Nigerians during these challenging times. I humbly request a reassessment of the border closure to facilitate international business activities,” he said.

Dr Kassim said the attention of masses, which increasingly shifted towards politics, was not borne out of love for politics because they saw politics as the only way to enjoy financial stability.

“The attention of masses is increasingly shifting towards politics, not necessarily because of their love for it, because politicians are the only ones enjoying financial stability and providing quality education for their children.

“Most conflicts arise from envy, unhealthy competition, instigation, suppression, and the absence of fair justice. So, swift action from our leaders is imperative to salvage the situation.

He opined that if there was no improvement, there would be a cause to fear, as future elections might witness heightened agitation, endemic crises, theft, kidnappings, and other illicit activities would persist.

“If there are no avenues for individuals to earn a decent living without being affiliated to politics, security challenges will be worsened as power- monger leaders may exploit the present circumstances at the expense of masses,” he said.

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