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El-Kanemi Warriors FC, Maiduguri shares points with ABS FC in Ilorin


Week 11 of the NNL saw the ABS football club dropping points for the first time before their home fans in Ilorin.
Elkanemi warriors started the match with caution attacking their opponents anytime they win the ball. The Ilorin side made some early frantic moves but didn’t fetch any meaningful attack that caused havoc in the Warriors defense.
Obata paul’s skeeming paid up when he cashed on a long thrust to make a solo run before pulling the trigger to beat ABS goalkeeper Boye Abdullahi in the 37 minutes to put Elkanemi warriors in the lead to end of the first half of 0-1.
ABS Supporters threatened to physically attack the referee who was escorted by security men to the dressing room. The angry Supporters also attacked the reserve players of of the warriors. That un-gentleman conduct of the supporters seem to have change the psychology and characterof the match.
Elkanemi re-strategize and resumed the second half making it more difficult for their host.
The match went on without much difficulties posed by ABS on the warriors team except for the too many set peaces given to the host team that resulted in a penalty awarded to ABS in the 70th minute.
Elkanemi goalkeeper David Obiazo saved the resultant kick to further ginger his team mates.
The match went into 5 minutes of referee’s signalled added time, with the visitors still leading by a lone goal. Home reserve referee, Awoyinka Samson refused to indicate the signalled minutes and the second stanza streached to 58th minutes before the host raised an equaliser to end the match 1-1, with total of 103 minutes played.

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