Emir of Bauchi commends Governor Bala for being proactive to security issues


Bauchi State Governor, Sen Bala Mohammed Abdulkadir with the Emir of Bauchi, Dr Rilwanu Suleiman Adamu during the traditional sallah homage paid on the Governor at the Government House

By Akanji Alowolodu, Bauchi

Emir of Bauchi, Dr Rilwanu Suleiman Adamu has commended Bauchi State Governor, Sen Bala Mohammed Abdulkadir for paying priority attention to the area of security in the state since coming on board as the Chief Security Officer of the state. 
The Emir said that, “we’ll just have to express more appreciation to you for being proactive day and night particularly, your support for prayers in mosques and Churches across the state. We are also aware of other efforts you have been making to ensure that there is peace and security in this state. We also commend you for distributing patrol vehicles to security agencies, hunters and vigilante groups across the state. We are grateful to God Almighty for this Sallah”.
The Emir was speaking on Wednesday when he led member of the Emirate Council on the traditional sallah homage on the Governor saying that, “As  it is customary, we are here to pay Sallah homage and to wish you well and your government” .
He continued that, “Your Excellency, I am here with my District Heads to greet you and as it is customary, this visit accords us the opportunity to extend our greetings and happiness for the good plans you have for the people of the state. We pray that God will continue to help you and grant you wisdom at all times”.
“On behalf of all the Emirs in the state, I want to extend our appreciation for the respect and honour that you and your government have for us. On behalf of the Council of Traditional Rulers in Bauchi state, we are committed as always to give you our support and advise on how to move our state forward, and by the grace of God, we are ready to do that”, the Emir added.
He also said that, “I want to also thank all the District Heads in Bauchi Emirate for the support you have been giving from the Ramadan to this Eid-el Kabir, we pray that God will not make you relent in these efforts” .
Rilwanu Suleiman added that, “We want to also commend you for the giant strides and the developmental milestones you have recorded with the past two years of your administration. Few among them include: the water expansion project within Bauchi metropolis and across the local government areas of the state and construction and dualization of roads to reduce traffic congestion and crashes within Bauchi metropolis and other communities in the state”.
“Your compassion for floods and fire victims especially traders at the Muda Lawal market and Wunti market. We heard of your assistance to them and other places where there were similar occurrences across the state”, he appreciated.
He said that, “Your achievements in the education and health sectors, these are worth commending. The empowerment of the poor and less privileged, some were given cash, some starter packs, among others, we are all grateful for all these” .
He further said that, “In the agricultural sector, we commend you for your assistance with fertilizer and other farm implements to boost food production across the state. We are also grateful for all the basic and social amenities you are providing across the state” .
The Emir said that, We wish you barka da Sallah and we pray that God will continue to bless you with good advisers and aides that will help in moving the state forward”.
He concluded that, “Your Excellency, because of the limited time, I cannot continue listing, one after the other, all the projects you have executed in just two years as governor. We will keep thanking God and praying to him to help and grant you more wisdom to continue doing what you are doing in this state and the nation at large”.

In his speech, Bauchi state Governor, Sen Bala Mohammed Abdulkadir said that, “We are grateful to God, to our traditional rulers, those dead and those alive and other leaders particularly Ulamas and the Clergy” .
He added that, “We are grateful to you for this visit and we thank God for the gift of leaders like you. We are grateful for the support and cooperation we are getting from you and other leaders especially for the respect for our government and the federal government” .
The Governor further said that, “We want to use this opportunity to express our gratitude to the President and other leaders in this country especially security agencies for their efforts at ensuring that there is peace in the country” .
Bala Mohammed said that, “We are very grateful to you for your efforts and support for all we are doing as a government that will bring succour to the poor in the state, because you inherited that for many decades and you know their pains, and needs and they come to you to tell you about what they face particularly the district heads that under you”.
“We want to apologize to you for our shortcomings in government, we are imperfect before you as your followers. We are happy for the projects you mentioned which are doing, and we will continue doing that”, the governor added.
Bala Mohammed stressed that, “We want to apologize because we promised during the Ramadan that we will give vehicles to our district heads, we are sorry but we have not forgotten, we are doing things bit by bit. It is not only the district heads in your emirate alone since you are the Chairman of all the traditional institutions, by God’s grace, we will not fail, we will do all we can to give respect and dignity to our district heads and other leaders”.
“We are calling on you as our leader in Bauchi state, please, continue to admonish all your subjects and other leaders under you to be more proactive so that we will have adequate security and lasting solutions challenges bedeviling us especially rape, kidnapping and lack of respect, these should be corrected so that there will be peace”, he appealed.
He also said that, “We are grateful to you, district heads, Imams and Pastors for your prayers which is the reason why we are living in peace in the state and that is why Bauchi is being seen as the most peaceful state in Northern Nigeria. We are grateful because it is not by wisdom, we know that there are a lot of wisdom you have. We will continue doing all we can to support security agencies so that there will be peace”.
The Governor assured that, *By God’s grace, we will do our best to help farmers by providing them with fertilizer and we will ensure that the fertilizer is not diverted. We are aware of the suffering and the hardships of life being experienced by the people and we will not relent in making policies that will help in cushioning those effects”.
He explained that, “On the issues of salaries, we have cleaned our payroll and this week after the Sallah, we will receive the report but we have set up a mechanism to ensure that those who have not received their salaries because of the money being syphoned through ghost workers, we will address that”.
“Since we are fixing the problems and some people in the process will be affected but we have never failed to pay salaries and people are getting their salaries frequently. And it was because of what you said that prompted us to pay Salaries in advance so that Sallah will be celebrated comfortably”, he further assured.
He declared that, “Bauchi State government is not poor, it is not difficult for us to pay salaries or allowances and by God’s grace, we will not start construction of roads, building hospitals or schools that will make us unable to pay salaries in the state” .
He concluded that, “We thank all of you, traditional and religious leaders and all of them in the rural areas who feel the effects of banditry the most which is happening in this country” .

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