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Exxon Mobil sponsors researches on fight against malaria- Country Manager

A multi-national company, Exxon Mobil, says it is sponsoring some researches on insecticide mosquito treated nets aimed at fighting malaria burden in Nigeria.
Dr Effiem Abbah, the General Manager and Country Manager, Medicine and Occupational Health, spoke with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) at a press briefing on the company’s efforts at eradicating malaria.
Abbah said that the company had committed billions of dollars toward ensuring that malaria epidemic was effectively reduced to the barest minimum.
“Exxon Mobil is sponsoring some researches on insecticide mosquito treated nets; what we found out is that the chemicals that are used to impregnate the nets fails after period of time.
“So, the research is ongoing for prevention of malaria and how the chemicals can last longer.
“We are also sponsoring other researches on having an immunisation for the treatment of malaria and the non-immune foods; so there are lots of researches ongoing about malaria.
“Our mission is to make sure that malaria is prevented in Nigeria and in Africa, and there are also a lots of efforts at having better treatment for it,’’ she said.
Abbah said that Exxon Mobil also partner other non-governmental organisations (NGO) with the aim of ensuring a healthy living for its host community.
“We are inherently a private sector, but for the health space; we have been a key player for many years and we have worked in partnership with many NGOs.
“We are in the forefront to promote awareness and fighting issues like malaria and other diseases. When it comes to healthcare, we as a company, has a foundation.
“The Exxon Mobil Foundation has committed billions of dollars through the public and government affairs to ensure that the key business of healthy living is addressed.
“We want to make sure that malaria is tackle from all fronts, from prevention to creating awareness, we take malaria as a priority in Exxon Mobil,’’ she said. (NAN)

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