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Feeling let down? Read Spencer’s ‘Encouraging Moment’

An international book tour of “Encouraging Moment” written by Dr. Alandrus Pearson Spencer will climax on June 17 at the Henrietta Church of the First Born, Rochester, New York, USA.
The book already had five successful tours that began on January 21, 2018 at Bridging the Gap Ministries, Blytheville, Arkansas.
In a synopsis made available to Apex News from the United States, the book addresses the importance of encouraging and inspiring each other and ourselves.
Dr Spencer explained that the insightful book of quotes was designed to remind each person about the importance of staying encouraged and to always see life through the lens of possibilities.
He said “if you ever experience discouragement and want to change, this book is a must read for you. Perhaps you are walking with the weight of the world on your shoulders.  You need to read this book.  Read it, meditate on it, digest it and dissect it.  Your effort to understand and act on the quotes in this book will make a dramatic difference in your life.”

Dr Spencer imposed on the schedule of the book tour

Born in Chicago, Illinois but raised in Blytheville, Arkansas, Dr Spencer served in the United States Navy and has two children and two grandchildren. He met his wife Veronica in 2005.
Dr Spencer received his associate degree in Biblical Studies, Bachelors in Biblical Studies and a Masters in Biblical studies in Counseling from Beacon University.  He later earned his M.Div., and Doctor of Ministry from Apex School of Theology.
In 2006, he launched Touching Lives Ministry Inc. in Blytheville, Arkansas.  He has worked as a chaplain assisting home bound and hospice patients and families.
Dr Spencer has a heart in helping people and enjoys spending his spare time with his family, traveling, reading books and attending faith conferences.

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