Female academics, lawyer speak on moral leadership


By Akpan David, Calabar

Two female lecturers have posited that the womenfolk have to do more to raise moral leaders in the country.

Both spoke in Calabar when a faithbased Organization, the Universal Women Fellowship of the Brotherhood of the Cross and Star mounted a seminar on the theme: The Role of Women In Raising Moral Leaders, to mark their 63rd anniversary.

Former international president of the group, Professor Peace David Irefin of the Lokoja University, said that wrong family values have bred criminals and other societal vermins, leading to rebellion, wild behaviour, permissiveness which compound the perilous times.

She said that the dearth of moral leaders in the country has contributed to corruption, youth restiveness, killings and disobedience.

‘There is much suffering, violence and killings today due to moral bankruptcy. There is deterioration of moral values from family units, to groups and country as a whole so that the country is now badly affected”, she said.

In her presentation, the deputy director at Nigeria Defence Academy, Dr Emem Ayankop dwelt on the role and qualities of mothers and why they must pay total attention to their onerous duties which necessarily shape humanity.

Ayankop said the role of women or mothers is divine and pivotal, adding that it illustrates their influence on the offsprings.

According to her, it is the women or mothers that make the world a better place.

“In this age of juvenile delinquency, internet dating, indecent dressing, permissiveness, waywardness, and alarming rate of drug abuse, it is important. That he home environment is warm and welcoming. A good mother ensures that the child has such welcoming home.

“A good mother is a role model to her children and the Society.”

Impressing on mothers to inculcate greater values on their children to impact the society, Ayankop emphasised that mothers are the first teachers children have, and they never go off duty from when they are formed in the womb even till when they become adults.”

Both lecturers zeroed in on Mother Elizabeth Olumba Obu, saying she is the paragon of motherhood, one who displayed rare qualities, a Role Model worthy of emulation and one that raised quality leaders overtime.

Managing director of Triple Star Printing Press Ltd and public commentator, Rosemary Ekong canvassed the need for better nutrition, spiritual knowledge and better care for women to enable women raise better and upright children instead of persisting on gender biases.

To enable children grow up into better citizens, she advocated not only better family care and attention, but that recommended “good food supplements and good nutrition have capacities to correct certain anomalies in children.”

However, contributors at the event blamed parents for the very poor upbringing of children in recent times who became wild and immoral thereby impacting negatively against the country.

In his presentation, Barrister Roland Osim looked at the legal perspective of the theme.

The lawyer listed array of challenges against women and also posited that some of the statutes in the law books should imperatively be reviewed as they segregate against the women.

He called for regular mounting of seminars and prayer sessions to avert further degeneration of morals in the country.

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