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Film producer projects Bauchi northern best shooting spot, craves support


Ude, Ogbonnaya Israel

A Bauchi-based film producer and CEO, Muchee Multimedia Company Limited, Benjamin Edeh said Bauchi have as the best place for movie production and shooting in the north.

The filmmaker holds strong notion that Bauchi has more of what it takes to be the melting point of movie shooting and production in the entire part of northern Nigeria just as Lagos is the number one for South West and Enugu for the South East.

In an exclusive interview, he narrated how his current movie project shot in Bauchi is at the verge of projecting the hidden beauty of the state to the international community if duely supported.

“Bauchi will stand to benefit the eye of international community because if you look physically at Bauchi, it is not vast, people don’t know much about the state, things here don’t interest people.

“But, this movie project has much to tell the world about the aesthetics of the state that will shoot up its uniqeness; these are not exaggerations, they are reality of the city, that is hidden all these while but I decided to dug it up for the world to appreciate”, he said.

Edeh pressed home the compelling need for the state government and highly placed persons or organisations to invest and buy into the movie before it sees the light of the day given the huge resources already committed to make it the best.

“The Project needs government attention and that of well spirited individuals and organisations because it is basically made for Bauchi and involves most of the indigens, even though it started in Lagos before coming to Bauchi.

“If you see this movie, you will think it was sponsored by Bauchi State government due to the colourfulness and resources we poured to present the inherent heritage and beauty of the state to the world,

“But, I can tell you that despite all efforts I have not and do crave to have state government’s support and attention because if I eventually release it without their support, they will love to identify with it and be proud of what we have done, that is why we need them now”, the Film maker said.

The film producer believes he has the expertise and innovations to elevate the economy of the state through the craft of filming, having worked with some producers in Ghana, some Indian and Malaysian Directors and host of producers in Lagos.

“With the vast experience we have gathered, I can engage Bauchi youths in the cinematographic world and production to bring out the beauty and story in them and by so doing give Bauchi culture to Nollywood to sell to the world and we can only imagine what revenue this will attract to the state”, he said.

He argued that even Yankari Games Reserve Bauchi is boastimg of is beginning to wax out in fame as people are no longer trooping as before.

“So, they need more story to pump people to the state to increase the revenue, keep the economy booming, create jobs and attract investors, if not, any project done will be a waste of time”, he said.

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