Fire razed DMD football club bus on way to training


Sitting on the pitch sideline of Elkanemi Warriors training session this morning I saw a thick black smoke around the Ramat shopping complex area of Maiduguri. I wondered what the smoke was all about only for me to be informed minutes later that it was DMD FOOTBALL Club Kwayakusar Bus that was on fire.
Members of the state fire service were called to the scene of the fire who help douse the inferno that according to reports started from the Bus engine due to fuel overflow that accelerated the fire fast around the Bus.
According to the goalkeeper of the team, Alhaji Mohammed Yusuf “It was on our way to morning training when we saw fire engulfing our Bus that was kick started due to an over flow that stopped the engine. All of us got panicked by the level of the fire we saw and had to run out of the Bus to save ourselves. Some of us had to smash the window glasses to force our way out, while some jumped out of their already opened windows. As you can see some players got dislocation on different parts of their body, while some got laceration and burns”.
The burnt down Bus has since been evacuated from the scene of the incident.
Meanwhile all the players and officials of Elkanemi warriors on ground immediately rushed to the scene of the accident and specialist hospital were the injured were receiving treatment. Also at hand to sympathize with the Kwayakusar player was the chairman and members of the Club owners Association.

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