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Flood: Dike, traditional rainmaker in Anambra claims power to stop devastation

Situations during the 2012 flood in Anambra State
By Sunny A. David, Awka
Just as the National Emergency Management Agency, (NEMA) and its counterpart in Anambra State (SEMA), strategize to combat the rampaging flood, an Agulu-based rainmaker, Chief (Dr) Fredrick Dike, claims he has immediate solution to the natural disaster.
Chief Dike says his mastery of the art of weather control and climate change was a result of years of research and experimentation with elemental forces.
The rainmaker, who predicts more torrential rainfall, says he is ready to control the atmospheric conditions to prevent further rains and consequent flooding, if only the government at the state and national levels take appreciate his intervention.
He wondered why inventions and potential of the black man is always taken for granted and vowed to prove to the world that God endowed him with great insight.
While regretting the huge loss of lives and property occasioned by the floods, Chief Dike assured to bring it to a happy end once the government and its agencies seek his professional advice and consultation.

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