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Forum of Labour Party chairmen, secretaries in 19 northern states say no more factions in party, pledge loyalty to Peter Obi, NLC, others

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A cross section of the LP northern states leaders

By Akanji Alowolodu, Bauchi

Forum of Chairmen and Secretaries of the Labour Party (LP) in the nineteen northern states including FCT have declared that there is no more factions in the party.

The Forum led by Engineer Muhammad Abdullahi Lawal, Zonal Vice Chairman during a press conference stated that, “We wish to make it unequivocally clear that there is no longer any semblance of the so called Apapa faction or Abure faction within our party.”

According to them, “The erstwhile Apapa faction was formed out of necessity in response to Barrister Abure’s failure to adhere to a court order restraining him from acting as the national chairman.

“This led proactive members like myself to identify with Baba Apapa, who was at the time the Deputy National Chairman, as the acting National Chairman. However, in the interest of party unity and progression, we have collectively agreed today to the disbandment of these factions and move forward as one cohesive party,” they declared.

The chairmen and secretaries also stated that, “we commend the efforts of our esteemed principals, HE Peter Obi and Ahmed Datti, the Governor of Abia State, as well as the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), our respected senators, Federal House of Representatives, State Assembly members, forum of LP Candidates those that have won and those that lost, LP chapter chairman, Obedient Movement groups, and all-party members who have distanced themselves from the farcical convention held on 27th March, 2024, in Anambra State.”

They added that, “Your decision to following due process in conducting proper National Convention following from ward level up to the National Convention and your dedication to upholding the values of our party in putting things right is truly commendable.”

The Forum however condemned with deep regret, the unwarranted attacks launched by Dr. Abayomi Arabambi against the esteemed party principal and former Presidential candidate of the party in the 2023 General elections, Peter Obl.

The Chairmen and Secretaries of the party led by the Engr. Muhammad Abdullahi Lawal, Zonal Vice Chairman in a statement stated that, “Labour Party has always prided itself on its commitment to democratic principles, fairness, and respectful discourse.”

They stressed that, “It is deeply disheartening to see someone considered to be a party member, resort to unwarranted attacks and character assassination against our principal. While we respect differing opinions and criticisms, it is essential that these criticisms are constructive, respectful, and well-founded.”

According to them, “Dr. Arabambi’s derogatory comments against our Principal, Mr. Peter Obi, are not only disrespectful, but also detrimental to the image and progress of our party.”

They added that, “despite numerous warmings and appeals, Dr. Arabambi has persisted in his unruly behaviour and continued this attacks against HE Peter Obl, in one occasion, calling him ‘a tribalistics bigot.’ As representatives of the LP, we cannot tolerate such actions that undermine the principles and values of our party. Therefore, we openly distance ourselves from Dr. Arabambi and his derogatory remarks.

“Furthermore, we want to call on Dr. Arabambi to cease from his derogatory remarks against H.E Peter Obi, such behaviour is unacceptable and will not be tolerated within our party.

“Sequel to this, we realfirm our unwavering support for HE Peter Obi, who embodies the character and distinguished pririciples that define the Labour Party and the great future of our coüntry’s unity,” they stressed.

The nineteen LP chairmen declared that,”We stand in solidarity with him, the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), the Obidient movement groups and all other stakeholders who are committed to sanitizing the party and upholding its integrity.”

The forum of Labour Party Chairmen and Secretaries from Northem extractions stated that,”as some of you may be aware, some of us were once close allies of Bamster Julius Abure. However, following a restraining order by the High Court of the Federall Capital Territory, presided by Justice Hamza Muazu, on April 5th, 2023, where Barrister Abure and others were restrained from parading themselves as National officers of the party, we tried hard to let Barrister Julius Abure understand the implication of the said order and the need of him to respect the valid and subsisting court order but all to no avail. As loyal members of the larty, we had no choice but to sever ties with him in the interest of our party.”

They added that,”It is with great concern that we highlight the weighty accusations of financial mismanagementt levelled against Barrister Abure. Any individual with a genuine commitment to the party’s welfare and integrity would have willingly resigned from their position pending the outcome of investigations. However, Barrister Abure’s failure to do so speaks volumes about his greed and lack of accountability.

“Furthermore, Barrister Abure’s claim to the position of National Chairman is illegitimate, as it stems from a purported National Convention that was neither legitimate nor all inclusive. A true leader respects democratic principles and ensures that all members of the party are aduately represented in such crucial derision-making processes,” they added.

The Forum then appreciated the efforts of party leaders in the north like Dr. Tanko Yunusa and Chief Ifeanyi Ezeagu whose maturity and wisdom has led to achieving the great unity within the North and prayed Almighty will continue to bless them all.

They declared that, “let it be known that the LP is united and resolute in its commitment to moving forward under the leadership of HE Peter Obi, the NLC as critical stakeholders that registered the Party and all-important stakeholders in the Party.”

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