Governor Fintiri’s media Director-General, Kumangar attacks Adamawa APC chairman on intellectualism


Governor Fintiri of Adamawa State

By Joseph Adahnu, Yola

The Director General, Media and Communications to Governor Ahmadu Fintiri of Adamawa State, Mr. Solomon Kumangar has attacked the Adamawa State All Progressives Congress (APC) chairman, Ibrahim Bilal
saying it is a misnomer for an elite political party to be led by an “illiterate.”
Kumangar responded to a position by Bilal stating that the projects senators, House of Representatives members and other appointees of APC attracted to the state have by far surpassed the state government’s achievements.
“Nigerians and the people of Adamawa State are shocked as an acting caretaker committee chairman of the APC in Adamawa state publicly said the combine achievements of political office holders and appointees of the President from the State supersede the achievements of Governor Fintiri.
“This declaration has further confirmed our fears that APC handover Adamawa branch of the party to unlettered fellow that can hardly differentiate right from his left, culminating in his running the party aground in the state.
“He has also, by this action, exposed his ignorance and his cash and carry mentality that makes him ascribed leadership of the party in the state to the highest bidder that best finance him and members of the
State Working Committee in Adamawa.
“It is a known fact that most APC stalwarts from Adamawa state visited and even commissioned laudable projects initiated by the Fintiri’s administration,” Kumangar noted.
“Do we need to remind Bilal that the FCT minister was here to commission projects penultimate week, or do we also need to remind him that he eulogised the governor for practical governance under his watch as governor?
“Most APC political officer holders and political appointees from the state pour encomium on the governor for transforming the state, one wonders who must have furnished the pocket of the caretaker chairman, Bilal, to go public and advertise his ignorance,” Kumangar said.
He expressed dismay the All Progressives Congress in Adamawa is now faced with the challenge of diminishing electoral viability under Bilal, saying in an era of forceful propaganda by the opposition is

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