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Governor Sule unveils theme for Nasarawa Investment Summit 2024

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Governor Sule of Nasarawa State

Governor Abdullahi Sule has publicly unveiled the theme for the forthcoming Nasarawa Investment Summit 2024 scheduled to hold in May.

Governor Sule unveiled the theme for the second biennual investment summit put in place by his administration during a press conference in Abuja on Tuesday.

According to the Governor, the theme for the Nasarawa Investment Summit 2024 is “Industrial Renaissance” which he said aptly captures what is presently unfolding in the state.

“Industrialisation plays a major role in economic development, creating employment opportunities and improving the qualities of life of citizens. These are areas of focus as far as we are concerned in Nasarawa State,” he said.

He identified mining and petroleum resources as key drivers of industrialization in Nasarawa State, reiterating the commitment of his administration to focus on this core policy thrust.

He added that the widely anticipated Nasarawa Investment Summit 2024 would also provide a platform for promoting regional collaboration, especially that every state in the country has one form of mineral resources or the other.

“One thing that is a blessing to Nigeria is that you can go to any part of the country and every state will have one minerals or the other that you can find. We have mentioned to you about petroleum discovery in the state with the drilling operations ongoing. The drilling operations started in the month of March last year. It’s almost at the completion stage at the exploration well. We are hoping that thereafter, another exploration or appraisal well will be drilled and we will be looking forward to actual industrialisation in the area of oil and gas. We are looking at full integrated operation where everything will be done in one place, the refining, the gas production and all the other activities,” he stated.

In the area of mining, Governor Sule expressed satisfaction that the biggest lithium processing plant in the country has been completed, with the 4000 metric tonnes per day facility ready for commissioning in May.

“Everybody is pushing forward towards lithium processing in the state. Nasarawa is becoming the real focus when it comes to lithium.

“The advantage when it comes to mining lithium in Nasarawa is not just necessarily because of the fact that we have it in commercial quantities, but the purity of the lithium that we have is the major attraction,” he added.

He disclosed that, just like it happened during the inaugural investment summit in March 2022, the Nasarawa Investment Summit 2024 would also provide a Deal Room where deals would be struck.

“We will also focus on our MSME because Nasarawa State is a state that has a lot of small scale businesses and we will do everything possible to promote them so that we can be promoting entrepreneurship, especially among our youths.

“The expected outcome for the summit 2024 is going to be enhanced investment opportunities and believe me even without the summit we are beginning to see that. We want to strengthen what is working for us, that is PPP. The PPP arrangement has worked so far on the last summit and we want to continue with that,” the Governor said.

He used the opportunity to once more commend President Ahmed Bola Tinubu for initiating policies that is seeing improved revenue for every state of the federation that is also bringing about infrastructural development.

“I mentioned about the policy formulation and reform and that is where our political leaders come in. We are also going to promote knowledge exchange and capacity building . In Nasarawa we consider capacity building, especially human capital development key. That is the reason why we came up with the Nasarawa State Human Capital Development Agency where we have a full DG in charge.

“And of course, the sustainable and inclusive development that we are looking at in totality in Nasarawa. I am excited at the prospects of this summit for 2024 to usher in Nasarawa industrial rennaisence,” he stated.

In a welcome address, MD/CEO of Nasarawa Investment Development Agency (NASIDA), Ibrahim Abdullahi, reviewed the successes recorded as a fall out of the inaugural investment summit held two years ago.

“There were investment pledges worth about 500m USD many of which have reached advanced stage of crystalizing. Nasarawa Agro Commodity Project, land acquisition has been done. Project is about to kick off. The Saro Africa Project, land acquisition and community sensitization currently being done.

“The Nasarawa Technology Village Phase One has been commissioned by the Governor and his Borno State counterpart. The Greenville LNG Project first of its kind in the region will be commissioned just before the summit in May.

“Many pockets of small businesses across retail and agriculture that have come into Nasarawa State as a result of the ambitious and laudable policies being put in place by the administration of Governor Sule to attract both domestic and foreign investments in the state. Oil exploration in Obi,” he said.

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