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Group lauds Enugu Governor Mba for successful one year in office, appeals for provision of base station for Ignoano communities

Dr. Marcel Onochie

Governor Peter Mba of Enugu State has been lauded for his sterling achievements in the last one year he held sway as the Governor of the State.

The commendation was made by socio -cultural organisation in Uzo-Uwani Local Government Area of Enugu State known as Ignoano Big Stars (IBS) .
The chairman of the non-governmental and non-political group, Dr. Marcel Onochie, said that they from Igboano part of Uzo-Uwani Local Government Area of the,comprising Ugbene Ajima and Abbi communities were impressed with the performance of the Governor so far,especially in his commitment to reduce insecurity and the construction of dmart schools in the State.

He also commended the Governor for the promise he made to the Ignoano people,especially the people of Ugbene -Ajima during his online interaction with the people of Enugu State when he assured that his government would expedite action to provide network in the area.
Governor Mba gave the assurance when an indigene of the Ugbene -Ajima complained of poor network connectivity in the area which has hindered fight agsibd insecurity in the area.
Dr. Onochie reminded the Governor of the promise and the need to fulfill it so that it can drastically reduce insecurity in the Igboano communities and the entire Local Government Area.

He said that the communities were in total darkness as long communication is concerned because of poor network connectivity.

He said they procured walkie-talkie in time past but could not serve the vigilant operatives well because they soon went bad.

Dr Onochie said : “imagine if there is attack on the communities, there is no way the people can communicate with security operatives, not to talk about among the people themselves.

He therefore urged the Governor to help provide base station for the people of Ugbene -Ajima and the adjoining communities as a way easing communication problem in the area.

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