Group warns PDP House Of Reps Caucus against politicising security interventions


The National Assembly complex

By Nuhu Adamu

Foremost pro-civil rights and liberty organisation in Nigeria, the Save Nigeria Movement (SNM) has chided the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) caucus in the House of Representatives over their comments on the lawful invitation of the former special advisor on media to the governor of Kano state by the Department of State Security Service.

The group in a statement on Monday in Lagos by it’s national coordinator, Dr Edward Okoh said the Department of Dtate Security Service has always demonstrated utmost and maximum commitment to the performance of their constitutional roles which is crime detection and prevention.

Recall the DSS had earlier confirmed the former media aide to Gov Ganduje was invited by it’s operatives over issues beyond the mere expression of opinion as speculated in the media.

“But for the DSS proactivness, a lot would have gone wrong in the country. The group wondered why, the PDP Caucus in the house of representatives would resort to condemnation when the entire country is commending the department of state security for their professionalism

“We are no doubt in precarious times as a nation but we wish to affirm that operational security interventions should be the exclusive discretion of security agencies responsible for the protection of lives and property as enshrined in the constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria”

The group further maintained that, the resort to blackmail, name dropping and politicisation of critical security interventions is most unfortunate, unpatriotic and uncharitable to say the very least.

” We are are deeply concerned that representatives of nigerians in the highest parliament who should lead by example would resort to blatant disregard and sabotage of operational security Interventions for political exploits”

“This is highly condemnable and measures below patriotism. The group maintained.

” In this country, security of lives and property should be our priority regardless of political inclinations’ because every one is affected”

The group made a consequential demand on the PDP Caucus to apologize to nigerians and the department of state security within 7 days in order to redeem what is left of their integrity.

” This is the time to know our fruits, those who believe in the nigeria of our dreams and those who offer lip service at the expense of national unity and cohesion”

If representatives of a particular political party would make haste to take advantage of the security challenges in the country by ambushing our security agencies, instead of offering moral support then it calls to question their patriotism and commitment to the oath of office which they took to defend and uphold the constitution of the country”

The group said, this sort of comments further divides the country along political lines as opposed to the national unity that we all seek as patriots.

It urged politicians and stakeholders to put the interest of country first before every other primordial sentiment.

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