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Hajiya Hauwa, wife to late Chief of Staff to President Buhari, turbaned first Gimbiya of Jama’are Emirate


Hajiya Hauwa Kulu Abba Kyari, First Gimbiya of Jama’are Emirate

By Akanji Alowolodu, Bauchi

Wife of late Chief of Staff (CoS) to President Muhammadu Buhari, late Abba Kyari, Hajiya Hauwa Kulu Abba Kyari has been turbaned as the First Gimbiya of Jama’are. 

While turbanning her in his Palace on Sunday, the Emir of Jama’are, Nuhu Ahmad Wabi described her as a “true daughter of Jama’are who has done so well for the development of the entire Emirate”. 

The Emir added that, “The traditional role of a Gimbiya is to as the daughter of the Emir, be a bridge between the Emir and the women folks who do not have direct say in the affairs of traditional institution”.

Nuhu Ahmad Wabi added that, “With her turbaning as the Gimbiya, the women of Jama’are now has a representative in the Emirate Council, their voices can now be heard more clearly.

“I am fulfilled that I now have a real daughter of the Emirate in the Council. She is an amiable woman who is concerned about the well-being of her immediate people as well as the development of the Emirate”, he added. 

He further said that, “She is very qualified to be so recognized because she possessed all the three reasons that people are recognized for turbaning in an Emirate  which are; excellence in a particular field of endeavor, meaningful contributions to the development of the Emirate and belonging of the royal family”. 

The Emir said that, “though she has contributed many things to the development of the Jama’are Emirate, with these, we expect more from her, that is the task on her shoulders now”. 

In her short speech after the turbaning, the First Gimbiya of Jama’are, Hauwa Kulu Abba Kyari thanked the Emir for finding her worthy of the recognition which came to her as a surprise. 

She reiterated her resolve to continue to contribute her quota to the development of the Emirate and the people of Jama’are who she said have really impacted positively in her life. 

The new Gimbiya of Jama’are expressed happiness over the recognition which she said will linger on for a long time in her memory. 

In his reaction to the turbaning, the Group Managing Director of the NNPC, Mele Abba Kyari said that, “We are here to felicitate with a sister who has done so well for humanity and deserves to be so recognized”. 

He wished her well saying that it is a call on her to do more for the development of the Jama’are Emirate and humanity in general. 

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