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Historic as Buhari inaugurates Abuja Rail Project

The train to be used
It was a momentous occasion in the history of Nigeria as President Muhammadu Buhari Thursday rolled into use the ultra-modern Abuja Light Rail Project.
The $823,540,545.87million project is 60 per cent funded by the China-Exim Bank and 40 per cent by the Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA).

President  Buhari unveils the plaque to inaugurate Metro Station

The Abuja Metro Rail Station

Apex News gathered that the project is a 45.3kilometre double standard gauge rail tracks, maintenance hub, training school, operations control centre and 12 Stations along the tracks. They include Abuja Metro, Stadium, Kukwaba I (National Park), Kukwaba II (Ring Road), Wupa, Idu, Bassanjiwa, Airport, Gwagwa, Deidei, Kagini and Gbazango.

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