How I had a successful physiotherapy at Lamahos Trado Hospital when I fell from 3-storey Building- Patient


By Samuel Torlumun

Lohsel Domfa, a 28 year of University of Jos wouldn’t have had it better. The masters student in the department of Educational Administration and Planning fall from a 3 storey building at his resident in Asokoro, FCT, Abuja and had his bones shattered. He was taken to Jos University Teaching Hospital, JUTH, in Jos, the Plateau State Capital, where he had spinal cord surgery. But that was not enough to save the young Domfa. He was completely motionless hence the bones were still in their shattered forms.

Lohsel was advised by the physicians at JUTH to look for Physiotherapy. In a country where such tertiary treatments are hard to come by, the requirement was to send him abroad amidst financial challenges. Amidst the despair of sourcing for fund, and the risk of scuttling his dreams comes the ray of hope hope, when we got wind of the healing wand at Lamahos Trado Medical Hospital, located at Uke, Karu, Nasarawa State where issues like his’ are being treated.

Dr Taru Mbricho Abinadab

When Apex News Exclusive visited the hospital, Lohsel was at his fourth day undergoing physiotherapy treatment. “This is what I have been doing here for the past four days. And I can tell you that I have seen a lot of improvement. Before now, I can’t move my hands, but now, I am moving my hands freely, as you can see, because of the treatment. Before now, I can’t sit down because my bones at the back were scattered, but now they are straightened, so I can sit now. So I can tell you that there is tremendous improvement”. He explained.

Speaking on the issue, Dr Taru Mbricho Abinadab assured, in the next few days, Lohsel will perfectly get back to his feet.
Lamahos Trado Medical Hospital, is a combination of traditional expertise in China, Sri Lanka, Nigeria and other parts of the world. The doctors are trained in Chinese traditional medicine, acupuncture, medical diet and clinical practice both in Nigeria, China, Sri Lanka and other parts of the world. Here the drugs are natural herbs from plants. Hospital authority said, they have started production of capsules.

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