How Shoptomydoor encourages Nigerians to invest in small businesses – CEO Udeh


Shoptomydoor CEO, Nduka Udeh
Around 90 percent of world trade is tied to international shipping industry generating over a half trillion dollars annually.
As such, a shipping handling firm, Shoptomydoor, is providing a platform so that many people can invest in small businesses.
This was made known in a statement to Apex News by Shoptomydoor PR/Content Executive, Aketan Feyisola.
Risk and capital are major factors hindering people from tapping into mini importation and export.
The statement quoted Shoptomydoor Chief Executive Officer (CEO)/Managing Director, Nduka Udeh that it is not advisable to invest in a business one has little or no idea about.
He explained that some of the challenges of shipping business are high cost, missing items, delayed shipment and charges from demurrage among others.

Udeh said the firm has made these challenges minimal by providing Nigerians interested in mini import and export, the opportunity to start a small business with little capital through her consolidated shipping service that reduces shipping cost by 60 per cent of what major shippers charge.
According to him, “the high demand for Nigeria local goods in USA cannot be over emphasized. There is so much Nigerians can do that we are not utilizing and that is what Shoptomydoor is trying to achieve by encouraging Nigerians to start with as little as they can from savings and we will help them sell on giant online stores like Amazon, eBay and others.”
Shoptomydoor, he explained, has provided a solution for import/export services between US and Nigeria. “This is a golden opportunity to emancipate yourself from financial problems. You don’t need to wait until you have huge amount of cash to start up or expand your investments, you can turn your life around for better with a few hundred to a few thousand dollars a month,” Udeh said.
With Shoptomydoor all hurdles of starting a mini import or export business can be bypassed. Nigerians are guaranteed stress-free shipping services with other unmatched excellent services, such as 14 days free storage in warehouses, fast delivery, 100 per cent refund in 24 hours, free insurance and zero convenience fees among other things, the statement added.
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