Hurry… Professor Aaze Tom Adaba clocks 80 years today


Prof. Tom Adaba

By Bernard Balogun

Today July 2, Prof Aaze Tom Adaba, OON, clocks 80-years on mother earth and still kicking like a unicorn. It is indeed an auspicious occasion that calls for celebrations. I therefore join his worthy family, friends, admirers, and his students all over in rejoicing and celebrating him on this significant milestone. Certainly, it has not been a undaunting journey.

For me, it is a pleasure to see him saunter into the octogenarian club. A club that can be appropriately described for “Noble men and women” of distinction. A club made up of men and women of integrity, of wisdom, of faith and of fear of God. It is a prestiguous club by every definition, where members are treated and held in high esteem in the society. Members of this octogenarian club cannot be said to lie. They do not make mistakes, if they do at all, you must not say it to their faces. The African tradition forbids such effortery. In other saner society members of the octogenarian club, their social well being, their health related issues, including those of their spouses, their medical are strictly the responsibility of the State, irrespective of the fact that they worked for government or not. That is the honour conferred on people in this noble club.
That is the prestigious club Professor Aaze Thomas Adaba, OON, KSM, KSGG sauntered into today.

In any case, the celebrant has made a name for himself, not just in his chosen field but in many areas of life.

He has made a name for himself as a Mass communication teacher. As a communicator, he has delivered and tutored many in the field of communication. He has been resource person to national and international organisations. I recall it is on the basis of one of his recommendations that produced what is today known as “campus radio”. The Unilag campus radio is one of such examples. And another of his recommendation was based on the importance of “Woman and child” education. If my memory still serves me right, it was a programme sponsored by UNICEF.
Prof’s contribution to Nationbuilding is legendary and in many directions. It is therefore not a surprise that many consider him their role model not only in the broadcasting industry but also in other spheres, including the promotion of “family values” in the society. In fact, it is for this reason in 2016, on the occasion of his 50th wedding anniversary, Pope Francis, issued him and his amaiable wife, Lady Aaze Theresa Adaba, a commendation Certificate for holding strong and promoting the marriage institution. For his numerous contributions in the upliftment of Ebiraland, the Elders-in-Council in Ebiraland considered him worthy for the Chieftancy title of Ohi Etohueyi of Ebiraland, meaning …the beacon of light in Ebiraland….. In view of his numerous services to fatherland, the Federal government under the late President Umar Yar’Adua conferred on him the Order of the Niger (OON). He has many other laurels in his kitty. Prof Adaba could be friendly, humorous, generous but do not take his meekness for granted.

Briefly that is Professor Aaze Thomas Adaba for you.

In case you desire copies of Prof Tom Adaba autobiography titled …BUT FOR GOD… please contact Lola on 0703.850.6788.

Happy 80th birthday to Professor Aaze Thomas Adaba, OON, KSM, KSGG and wishing you God’s choicest blessings in sound health always.

Finally, welcome to the prestigious and indeed glorious club of Octogenarian and of noble men and women. Live long sir. Live long the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Bernard Balogun (BenPino) writes from Wuse District – 0803.787.9275

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