I went to university set to be the best -1st Class Engineering graduate


Amulah Caleb Nuhu
By Chidimma C. Okeke
Amulah Caleb Nuhu, 26, from Benue State is a 2017 First Class graduate of Mechanical Engineering from the University of Maiduguri. He speaks on what motivated him to achieve the feat.
What does it mean to you to be the overall best student?
It makes me feel good, really good. And there is this self-satisfaction that comes with it.
What makes you have an edge over other students to emerge the overall best?
The belief that I can never know enough. I studied a lot, I literally buried my head in a heap of books. I plan according to my convenience and followed it religiously.
Do you anticipate being the overall best student when you started?
Yes, the desire to graduate with a first class degree is one that most students can identify with. As for me, I entered the university set to be the best. I wanted it and so, I got ready for it.
How would you describe your training at the university?
The purpose of studying engineering is to give consideration to the relevant theory in relation to how engineering tasks are solved in practice. There were workshops and laboratory exercises to back up the theories learnt in class. Everything was formally arranged. It was all good.
What was your social life like?
I tried not to be a hermit. I made sure I enjoyed my university days. I studied hard, yes, but I ‘lived’ also. I played football a lot and hanged out with friends.
What’s your advice to students who haven’t discovered themselves, and for those who look up to you as model?
Find your rhythm early. See every test, exercise and examination as a part of the picture and goal.
Academics are like business; carry out that SWOT analysis to discover yourself. Cruise through your books regularly. Consult other books and do your assignment religiously. The result will be amazing.
What is your most cherished moment in campus?
Coming back from class with friends and talking about literally anything and everything.
What are the challenges you encountered while in school?
Stress and irregular sleeping pattern, engineering is academically challenging. It is as if two years of content is packed into a year. At times it seemed impossible to stay on top of it all.
Where there any distractions in campus?
Yes there were so many; from social gatherings to ubiquitous technology. But creating the right environment for study and having the passion and drive to succeed was prime.
In terms of parental input towards your success, what is your story?
My parents’ attitude about education inspired me and showed me how to take charge of my own educational journey. They were very supportive. They made sure all my needs were adequately met. My second year in school was really very tough for me. I made an ‘F’ in a course. For someone aiming so high, ‘F’ was an alien grade to me. Thanks to their advice and unerring judgement, I kept my head in the game. (Daily Trust)

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