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IBB to Makarfi: You restored my hope of a new Nigeria

Former Military President Babangida

Former military President, Ibrahim Babangida, has said that Senator Ahmed Mohammed Makarfi, presidential aspirant of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) represents the new narration Nigeria desperately need.
Speaking at his residence when Senator Makarfi paid him a courtesy call Saturday in Minna, Babangida said Makarfi restored his hope of a new Nigeria, adding that the former governor has his blessings.
“I was almost losing hope in the country, as a military man I wouldn’t. But having heard from the distinguished senator, I have become more enlightened and emboldened to say we have hope in Nigeria,” he told Makarfi.
“Without fear or favour, you have made my day,” the former Nigerian leader said.
“We need a new narrative in this country. We can’t go on like we used to. We need an articulated vision of a new Nigeria. I am not surprised that you give such narrative of the country. You did well in the legislature and you handled well one the most civilised and sophisticated states in Nigeria.
“You have my blessings and I will look forward to hearing from you on some of these articulations I heard from you today. Honestly I feel so proud,” he said.
Makarfi had earlier told his host that restructuring the country was a panacea to the enduring peace Nigerians desired, adding that only a leader who is trusted along tribal and religious lines can make that a reality.

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