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Indonesia earthquake: air drops disinfectant on quake-hit areas to prevent illness


Indonesian authorities on Thursday used helicopters to drop disinfectant on parts of the earthquake-and-tsunami-ravaged city where many were believed to have been buried in September, Sutopo Nugroho, spokesman, National Disaster Management Agency said.
Nugroho said that the action, aimed at preventing the spread of vector-borne diseases that could be picked up from bodies buried in the region.
Vector-borne diseases are described as flies, cockroaches and rats spreading disease.
“The three targeted areas – Petobo, Balaroa and Jono Oge – are also due to be covered with soil from elsewhere.’’
Local residents, who survived the September 28 earthquake and subsequent tsunami that hit Central Sulawesi province, are at risk of infection from mosquitoes and other insects that could carry diseases from human bodies.
The government called off the search for bodies on Friday, while hundreds, if not thousands, are still missing after homes in three villages were swallowed by mud in a phenomenon known as soil liquefaction.
The official death toll from the disasters stands at nearly 2,100. (dpa/NAN)

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