Insecurity: Fulani group urges Nigeria government to equip police with ICT



Members of the Fulani community in Kwara state, under the umbrella of Gan Allah Fulani Society of Nigeria, has urged the federal government to equip the Nigeria Police and other security agencies with adequate modern information and telecommunication technology gadgets to combat crime and criminality in the country.

Speaking with journalists in Ilorin at the weekend, the president of the association, Sheikh Ahmed Dan Fulani Modibbo, said that equipping the security operatives with modern communication gadgets could reduce insecurity rather than provision of vehicles or weapons.

“Federal government should equip the Nigeria Police with modern information technology and not buying weapons, aircrafts or cars. We need tracking system. Of recent, we learnt kidnappers and terrorists demanded and collected about 200 motorcycles from relations of kidnap victims. The police should have put trackers on the bikes. The money paid as ransom can be tracked. Is the phones they use to communicate during communication with victim’s families to collect ransom not from a network? Why can’t it be tracked? That’s why I said that all hands must be on deck to help matters”, he said.

Sheikh Modibbo, who explained that Nigerian native Fulani people are peace loving people, condemned what he described as porous Nigeria borders, which had allowed criminals to enter the country to foment trouble.

“Our borders are open and too porous to allow foreign and wicked Fulani people into the country to wreak havoc. Fulani people from Chad, Niger, Cameroon see Nigeria as fertile land to foment trouble. They are the ones committing crimes here not the Fulani you’ve been living with for more than 100 years” he said.

He called on the federal government to conceive a programme where indigenous Fulani youth could be trained and get re-orientation.

“These Fulani youth have for a long period been trained to be in the bush to rear cattle. That’s their trade. So, they can be trained in mechanized farming so they don’t go about rearing their cattle”, he said.

On ethnic profiling, the Fulani leader said that crimes should not be tagged to a particular tribe in Nigeria. “Rather, all hands must be on deck to put an end to insecurity problems in the country. We should not tag a particular crime to a tribe or religion when the case has not been investigated or verified by the appropriate authorities. Tagging people with crimes can escalate insecurity in the country”.

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