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Jaji: Driving professionalism, institutional development at Federal Fire Service


Comptroller-General, Federal Fire Service, Abdulganiyu Jaji

By Anthony Maliki

A foremost Civil Society group, and anti-corruption organization, Citizens Watch Advocacy Initiative (CWAI) under the umbrella of the Guild of Civil Societies and Media Executives for Equity, Justice and Transparency in Nigeria (GOCMEJ), has applauded and commended the Comptroller-General of the Federal Fire Service (FFS), Abdulganiyu Jaji, for establishing core values of integrity and transparency in all ramifications of the organization.

The organization also praised the CG for reforming and refocusing the organization like never before in line with the resolve to make the country safe and seek stronger cooperation with stakeholders, including coordinating fire disaster management with sister agencies while purchasing state of the art fire equipment and machinery.

In a press release issued in Abuja Thursday by the Executive Secretary and Senior Research Fellow of the CWAI, Omoba Kenneth Aigbegbele, the organization commended the present leadership of the Federal Fire Service (FFS) for the turn-around maintenance culture and enhanced capacity building of officers and men of the service through courses, seminars, training, development and partnership with military institutions and other ivory towers across the country and the purchase of fire fighting equipment and gadgets, including the repositioning and rebranding of the Service to meet with international best practices.

Omoba Kenneth Aigbegbele

The release emphasized that this is unprecedented milestones and achievements and a turning point in the annals of the Service and a tonic to change mantra of President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration and should be commended by all well-meaning Nigerians for the rapid development achieved within the few months of the present leadership.

Accordingly, the group said it is encouraged by Jaji’s leadership style, open door policy, discipline, transparency and most importantly his remarkable and selfless campaign against corruption, the role of critical fire rescue, assessment and general disaster management, including his patriotic disposition against fire incidents across Nigeria, canvassing and averting fire disasters in our homes and offices which have attracted commendation from all and sundry, including the international community.

This is judging from the fact that the present management of the Fire Service (FFS) has done so much in its little stay in office by consolidating on premium achievements for the overall betterment of the FFS, transforming and repositioning of the FFS to meet with best global standards and as well, maintaining high ethical standards of accountability and good governance structure in all its operations nationwide and paying backlogs of staff remunerations and allowances and high ‘esprit-de-corps’ displayed by officers and men.

Judging from the blueprint and the cardinal focus of the present leadership, it has been a plethora of reforms from one to another. As the Jaji-led management has improved service performance measurement, productivity, enhanced advocacy on disaster management and awareness campaign of fire equipment at all buildings across the country for safety and security at all times.

However, in spite of the daunting challenges faced by the Federal Fire Service, efforts are in place to change the narrative by the Jaji-led management. While the group is also soliciting for enhanced budgetary provisions for the Federal Fire Service for institutional maintenance of its critical facilities, infrastructures and equipment across the country. As the paucity of funds is another major factor militating against actualizing its mandate for the overall growth of the country in disaster management.

The group endorses and encourages the partnership and collaboration with sister agencies, the private sector and citizenry which has given a morale booster to the management in its rebranding process.

CWAI, therefore, passes a vote of confidence on the hierarchy of the FFS under Abdulganiyu Jaji, for his forthrightness, vision and strategic direction based on his three-point agenda and blueprint in seeing to it the FFS remains a strategic partner globally in disaster management and hereby enjoins all relevant stakeholders, international organizations, and Nigerians to support and partner with the institutional development, transformational philosophy and revolution presently taking place at the Federal Fire Service and warns distractors to be mindful of their antics and stay off the organization as the present management is focused on the task ahead.

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