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Kaduna butchers concludes zonal tour, unveils hygiene, security initiatives

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By Ahmed A. Usman, Kafanchan

In a bid to promote hygienic practices and bolster security measures within the meat industry, the National Butchers Association of Nigeria, Kaduna State Chapter, successfully concluded its zonal tour in Kafanchan, Jema’a Local Government Area of the state.

During the tour, several critical issues were identified, addressing both hygiene and security concerns within the local butchery operations. Inspections revealed challenges ranging from inadequate waste disposal systems, cool rooms, meat carrying vehicles and lax security protocols at meat processing facilities.

To tackle these issues head-on, the association pledged to implement a series of resolutions.

First, they committed to launching an extensive awareness campaign to educate butchers and their patrons on the importance of maintaining clean and safe environments.

Furthermore, the association vowed to collaborate with local authorities to improve waste management infrastructure in butcher shops.

This includes the proper disposal of animal by-products, ensuring a cleaner and healthier working environment.

On security, the National Butchers Association proposed the establishment of a cooperative effort with local law enforcement agencies to enhance the safety of both workers and consumers. This initiative aims to deter criminal activities and safeguard the overall well-being of the community.

The Overseer of Zone III and the state Vice Chairman, Alhaji Ilyasu Musa urged all the members to be law abiding citizens and maintain law and order in any issue.

As a tangible achievement of the zonal tour, the association successfully implemented immediate changes in some facilities, including the installation of modern waste disposal units and improved lighting systems for enhanced security.

The Vice Chairman of the Kaduna State Chapter in charge of Zone III, Alhaji Ilyasu Musa, expressed optimism about the positive impact these measures would have on both the industry and the community.

He emphasized the association’s commitment to continuous improvement and urged all members to actively participate in maintaining the newly established standards and to make sure they obtained their membership with fresh registration.

The conclusion of the zonal tour marks a significant step forward for the National Butchers Association of Nigeria, Kaduna State Chapter, as they strive to ensure hygienic and secure practices within the local meat industry.

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