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Kogi 2023: Igala people must fight for survival


By Gabriel B Agbonika

The Kogi State 2023 Governorship election in November is no longer a mere political party affairs for the Igala people. Rather it is about patriotism and unity struggle for Igala people to free themselves from the oppressive, insulting and humiliating treatment by Yahaya Bello against the Igala people in particular. It’s a survival war that must be won because of our numerical superiority.
No Governor, either elected or appointed in the history of this state, has ever dehumanized our people like this small minded boy, Alhaji Yahaya Bello.
From available records only fools and greedy/selfish element from Igalaland that would claim ignorance or political interest in supporting Yahaya Bello’s divisive and ruinous political agenda for the state in the forthcoming November 11,2023 election.

For the Igala people in particular, whether educated or illiterate, we should unite to disgrace this wicked and proud boy in the coming election by voting massively for SDP candidate, Murtala Yakubu AJAKA, who has been overwhelmingly endorsed by the Igala Cultural Development Association to fly the flag of SDP in the November 11, 2023. We cannot afford to allow the tyranny of the minority to defeat goodness of the majority in the State.There’s nothing like anti-party in this November 11 Governorship election. We have a duty to defend our freedom and survival as Igala people. Our ancestors, children and grandchildren would not forgive us if we fail to unite and win Yahaya Bello’s candidate of APC in the forthcoming governorship election. We must collaborate to forestall any known obstacles placed along our ways to victory in the coming election. Any known sabotage must be uprooted and destroyed before the election. And with God on our side success is already assured.

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