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Kogi governorship election: Enape thanks voters for showing love for Ajaka, *APC has no capacity to win in free, fair contest – Dr Kadiri

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By Gabriel B Agbonika, Abuja

As controversies trailing the November 11, 2023 Kogi State election result has not been finalized, elder statesman and chieftain of Social Democratic Party, (SDP), Alhaji Hassan Yakubu Enape, has expressed his profound gratitude to the people of Kogi State for their great love, unity and solidarity towards the Governorship candidate of SDP in the November 11, 2023 Kogi State gubernatorial election, Alhaji Murtala Yakubu Ajaka.

He said that by turning out in an unprecedented large number to cast their votes for Murtala Yakubu Ajaka in the last Saturday election, the party faithful and well-wishers have demonstrated their capacity to unite and fight for greater achievement in whatever they always plan to do in life.

According to him, “on behalf of the governorship candidate and all his supporters, I enjoin everybody not to relent in the struggle to liberate the masses from the grip of Governor Yahaya Bello’s criminal leadership in Kogi State.”

He explained that the liberation struggle is a distance race, so everyone should redouble their energy and efforts until victory is finally achieved.

In his words, “we have the hope that this battle has just begun and there’s no room for discouragement over the deceitful and fraudulent manipulation of last Saturday’s election results by the APC Governor and his collaborators, stressing that the fighting spirit should be strengthen in order to achieve total victory.

He continued, “I want to assure everyone that Murtala Yakubu Ajaka is a distance runner and we shall all support and stand by him to do everything confidently that would bring the battle to its logical victory sooner than later. In the meantime the leadership of the party is back into the retreat camp for strategic planning towards the next line of action. We therefore need to be focused, steadfast and hopeful of a wonderful resounding victory, by God’s grace. No final decision has yet been taken on the next line of action until you hear from the party’s leadership.”

It will be recalled that two days to the November 11, 2023 Kogi State governorship election, former Senator and APC elder chieftain, Dr. Alex Kadiri, warned of a great danger in the State if APC candidate, Ahmed Ododo, is fraudulently installed as winner in Kogi 11/11/2023 governorship election.

At a press conference in Abuja said that the party in the state does not deserve to be reelected into office because of it’s failure of leadership.

According to him, it will be a great tragedy if APC is declared winner in the Kogi State governorship election.

Dr Kadiri explained that for eight years of Governor Yahaya Bello’s administration the quality of life for ordinary citizens steadily declined.

In his words, “I have said it openly in the APC National Secretariat of our party and in my press releases but the party does not care about the failure of government leadership in Kogi State. As at today my party is fielding GYB’s surrogate candidate, Ahmed Ododo who connived with him to ruin the state over the past eight years. What have we done to justify being reelected? What we have is violence, bloodshed, killings left, right and center. People’s salaries and allowances aren’t paid, no promotions, moral is low and fear of victimization have gripped the citizens. The people have been dehumanized. Therefore, there’s no way we can win in a free and fair election.”

Similarly Mr. Jibrin Okutepa (SAN) lamented over the Nov. 11, 2023 off-cycle elections.

“For Example, in Kogi state, INEC announced that election has been suspended and shall be held in polling units where results of elections were out before elections were held. It fixed the next Saturday 18th November 2023 to do so. Strangely enough the same INEC announced a winner over night and yet people are celebrating this as victory for democracy. A look at the IRev portal in Kogi State especially Kogi central one can seen clearly the over voting that INEC has manipulated in the state to favour APC. What kind country is Nigeria”.

Mr. Okutepa believes strongly that Nigeria is “wasting resources doing elections when INEC and politicians have conspired and decided not to follow democratic processes of free, fair and credible elections.”

In his opinion it is immoral to be moral in Nigeria. “Those who do evils get parted on the back and promoted to occupy leadership positions in Nigeria. Nigerian democracy is doomed because when you get to courts, the courts too have developed the shock absorbers to ignore these monumental irregularities on the altar of legal technicalities of sui generic and the evil doers will lord over us as your excellencies. What a mockery of democracy! Here in Nigeria those who rigged elections are being rewarded by INEC with certificates of return and they will come out thanking God for their evil and wicked behavior. Everyone knows that all is not well with our brand of democracy in Nigeria.

In a sane clime, those superintending the activities of INEC should by now have resigned or be in jail. The reason is that those in charge of our affairs preferred money to welfare and wellbeing of the people of Nigeria. University professors and dons are parts of these rotten system. They can impose Satan on Nigerians so long as Satan paid them.”

In his opinion, therefore, the Nov. 11, 2023 Kogi State governorship election results as announced by the returning officer appointed by INEC is fraudulent and criminal and cannot stand. It should be reviewed appropriately and urgently.

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