Market women hail Corporate Services Department of Central Bank of Nigeria


By Anthony Maliki

The Federation of Market Women in Nigeria has commended the Corporate Services Department of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) for its untiring role in the management of the bank corporate responsibilities and policies.

The group in a press release signed by its National Coordinator, Mrs Emeka Okpara said the CBN corporate services department of the CBN has ensured successful awareness outreaches to the masses on the programmes and windows available for ordinary Nigerians to benefit unlike in the past.

“Under the current direction and dexterity of Dr Edward Adamu, with support of the CBN Governor, every Nigerian is now aware of the multiple opportunities out there at the bank for exploits.

“We are particularly grateful because, it is one thing to have policies in place for the benefit of Nigerians and another thing for Nigerians to be aware, but the corporate services department of the CBN has excellently breached this gap to the utmost benefit of Nigerians”

The market women Federation further said, more than 10,000 of her members have benefited from COVID-19 household fund and other facilities of the apex bank.
The group further pledge to hold sensitisation colloquium as part of its support in ensuring that no one deserving of the opportunities offered by the CBN in unreached.

“This sensitisation colloquium is to further enhance the knowledge of our members nationwide to take advantage of ongoing facilities available for the overall benefit of the masses”

The group said it is committed to providing support services in partnership with the corporate services department of the apex bank for optimum results in line with president Buhari administration’s blueprint.

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